Canyon start up crash

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Canyon start up crash

Post by Goldwatch »

Been a minute but i wanted to play some Canyon again for fun since i finally got a windows pc again.
i started maniaplanet from Steam and first time everything went fine and i could play online, have fun etc etc

Now after the first time when i play maniaplanet on steam and i click connect (to play online) and the game freezes and crashes. if i select play offline i can play the game just fine but all by myself. cant play online. So my guess is something crashes while maniaplanet/canyon is trying to connect to the internet but i dont know. first time it worked fine, now it crashes everytime on start up. Has this been a regular problem lately? its been a long time since i played. would love some help. Thanks!
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Re: Canyon start up crash

Post by HaagseSmurf »

Welcome back TiredSmurf,

I reccommend to join our discord so we can help you on voice, cause there could be multiple reasons for your crashes.
Most importantly, try to run maniaplanet without steam, that will help a lot :)
But i am not sure if it will completely fix the issue.
So see you on our discord


Check and / or for all info.
You can also like our facebookpage at FaceBook
Or just visit
our Canyon servers,
the Valley and Royalserver.
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