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Re: MANIAPARK : the ultimate source for maniaplanet

Post by knaveskye » 13 Sep 2011, 21:16

Trackmaniack wrote:
knaveskye wrote:Hello, I was curious if there will maybe be another site similar to maniapark but less restrictive. I dont have the talent to make the more complex skins, but given how many downloads my in-game painter skin got before it was deleted from maniapark, I still think they have some value. I understand maniapark is intended for the very best skins, and its my fault for not reading their guidelines before posting, but is there anywhere else for people to post their skins and still have people easily find them? Thank you in advance for any reply.
Yes. Here. I'm not posting my skins to Maniapark either, but I'm an active member, and I'm making threads about my skins and then linking them in my sig. If you have skins to make, you can do the same. :thumbsup:
Ok, I will try it this way. I wasnt sure if it was allowed, thank you.
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Re: MANIAPARK : the ultimate source for maniaplanet

Post by poisinivy » 14 Sep 2011, 11:32

SadHik wrote:try CTRL + F5 on the apache page ?
Aye, it's fixed ^^

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