Tip: How to improve performance.

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Re: Tip: How to improve performance.

Post by felton1592 » 19 Aug 2011, 21:03

I can't understand why I have trouble maxing it or even framerate troubles on medium/high..

Intel i2500 quad-core 3.30ghz, 5770 1gb, 4gb ram.

Those tips did help though, but where do you find the "light maps" option? I can't see it.

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Re: Tip: How to improve performance.

Post by ionian » 19 Aug 2011, 21:18

linfosoma wrote:I was having some really bad performance when I first launched the game on semi-high settings, after some messing around I found this under the Compatibility tab for Light Maps, I changed it from all cars to "Me" and bam, massive performance increase.
I have it set to relatively low settings, somewhere between fast and nice, but these tips helped me. I like my framerate up to at least 60, so that when it dips on a lag spike or a corner with complicated lighting it doesn't kill my run. There is nothing worse than playing a competition and a framerate drop kills your good lap.

I'd rather have my settings turned down and the game run silky smooth than have all the eye-candy. After a while the novelty of the graphics wears off and then all that matters is gameplay...
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Re: Tip: How to improve performance.

Post by mranshfr » 21 Dec 2018, 16:29

Hi everyone !

I have a problem with TM2 Stadium atm; you know hialgo boost ? if not it is a application that can improve your fps by halving your internal res. And because TM2 Stadium is DX11, I found out ways to make it work with DX9 so it can tweak it, but when i launch it, it just crashes. I did all of this because at 1920x1080 my average fps is 5, so i put my resolution lower. (800x450) and it is still at 30fps ? Anyone can help me with a program that can boost fps to 60 ?

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Re: Tip: How to improve performance.

Post by Miss » 21 Dec 2018, 17:30

This is a very old topic.. Either way, it sounds like what you need is a system upgrade :P I can't really suggest anything else aside from turning down all the options in the launcher.
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