ShootMania Galaxy: Hunger Games MM (6 players)

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ShootMania Galaxy: Hunger Games MM (6 players)

Post by Dommy » 15 Feb 2018, 22:23


4 years after its initial release, the only and iconic battle royale game mode Hunger Games returns once again, this time bringing a proper MATCHMAKING system for 6 player games! Available for free in ShootMania channel.
Dommy wrote:
05 Dec 2016, 22:27
Hunger Games is long-play mode, where all players have only one life. At the beginning of the game everyone is spawned in the central part of the map. The first thing the player must do is touch the central Goal. All players have only one chance to play on a map. When someone is eliminated, they are forced to spectate the game until end. The game ends when only one player remains alive, that player becomes the winner.

The most important element of Hunger Games is development of the player character. After the central Goal was touched, it's possible to pick up various items present on the map to increase played character abilities. Player's current statistics can be seen below the scores table.

After 6 minutes since game start or if there are only 2 players remaining, the Tornado is launched. The Tornado will slowly decrease size of the playable area, destroying all items behind it. Gates will open at fast the Tornado is close to them. It takes 3 minutes for the Tornado to shrink to its minimum radius. After that, all players remaining alive will perform the final survival battle.

If the game has started and Tornado hasn't been launched yet, for the first 3 minutes new players coming to the server can spawn and try to survive in the ongoing match.

    Picking up this item gives 1 ammo slot to a randomly choosen weapon, unless the weapons amount limit hasbeen reached (maximum 3 slots per every weapon). It's also healing 1 armor point.
    Increases the speed of ammunition and stamina reload by 5%, as well as enlarges total stamina capacity by the same factor.
  • MINI
    Unlike the name suggests, it extends player's abilities the way 2 Charges would. However, it's taking 1 armor away. It cannot be picked up if player has only one armor (item cannot cause death). If player has full armor and Weapon item is somewhere nearby, it's recommended to pick up Mini first and then heal with Weapon.
    If the map does feature Replies, their slot will be shown in the inventory. Once you pick up a Replie, you can use it at any time to restore 1 armor point by pressing “Q”. Particles cloud will appear around the player who just used a Replie. It's possible to have up to 5 Replies at once. Replie won't be used if you have full armor.
    Restores 1 armor point on pick. This item cannot be picked up if your have full armor.
  • FUEL
    Used to fully restore stamina.

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