Trackmania One: New UNBITN website live!

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Re: Trackmania One: New UNBITN website live!

Post by Florenzius »

crado wrote: 14 Jan 2024, 18:02 Hi Florenzius,

Happy New Year ! :yes:

I loved your work on TM2020 Last Year. :thumbsup:

Can we ask for an update about TrackMania One - Bay: FLORA ? :oops:
Hey, apparently my last reply was not sent due to Forum problems...

We are very close to finishing, the campaign is essentially done. The only thing delaying Bay since a few months is the main menu script rewrite. But it will be worth it!

Other than that we kinda quit on doing more "marketing" so to say, because it takes a lot of time and the playerbase shrinks more and more every day. Once Bay is ready (I hope this summer.....), we'll do some more PR again and hope to gain some traction with Bay again.

However, after that, we are done for good :pil
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Re: Trackmania One: New UNBITN website live!

Post by nighthawk4571 »

:clap: :thumbsup: ... :pil
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