eXpansion Whitebridge (09-06-2018)

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Re: eXpansion Whitebridge (09-06-2018)

Post by oliverde8 » 09 Jun 2018, 09:33

Just pushed Beta-3

You can update either manually downloading the new archive or using the ingame autoupdate /admin expansion update

Download : https://mp-expansion.com/download.html
Change logs : https://mp-expansion.com/releases.html

It should also fix an issue that some admins had with monolog error.

We are also saving match & server settings automatically. You can configure the file name ingame as always :D There isn't much that changed.

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Re: eXpansion Whitebridge (09-06-2018)

Post by endbase » 09 Jun 2018, 16:09

Thx ! works like a charm :)

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