[BUG][MEDIATRACKER] Reflections Settings

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[BUG][MEDIATRACKER] Reflections Settings

Post by Ozon » 12 Jul 2018, 19:27

Hey Nadeo Team,

the reflections settings are very often, without reason, greyed out for me and I can't change them.


I have set my game to the VERY HIGH preset and it should give me the possibility to always enforce the kind of reflection setting I want to have in my renderer. In this case shown in the picture, I am happy, but most of the time, the settings are all set to Red and I can't set them to Green.

Please fix that - hopefully small - issue. It's very frustrating, since I need to jump around Titlepacks to make it work. Here is how I reproduced it:
1. Open Game with highest settings.
2. Open TM2 Canyon Titlepack
3. Open any replay
4. Click on calculate shadows High
5. Click on render button (=> all reflection settings set to 0, can't change them)
6. Leave Mediatracker
7. Leave TM2 Canyon Titlepack
8. Open Official TM2 Titlepack
9. Open same replay
10. Shadows are calculated so I can skip the (4.) step.
11. Click on render button (=> voila, all reflection buttons set to the values I set them last time + I can change them)
12. Profit.

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Re: [BUG][MEDIATRACKER] Reflections Settings

Post by shortz » 12 Jul 2018, 21:51

that stuff is happening a lot for me aswell, annoying as hell.
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