Display WR ghosts + PB ghost together?

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Re: Display WR ghosts + PB ghost together?

Post by Rollin » 28 Oct 2018, 23:34

Amen. GhostOne, you speak right out of my mind.
The general ghost + opponent system was very simple in TMUF and it worked very nicely.
In MP4, it seems they butchered some valuable game mechanics for some "pretty-looking" design.
It does look good on the surface, but has so many bugs, and lacks most of the features it used to have in previous game versions.
I simply do not understand the reasoning behind this. Maybe I am just ignorant, can a Nadeo Dev please open my mind about this? :?

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Re: Display WR ghosts + PB ghost together?

Post by GhostOne » 05 Nov 2018, 11:58

Thank you Rollin.

It is a incomprehensible disaster to remove the "Best Ghost", that everybody always play with, for no reason, and replace it by a ephemeral "Last Ghost" that no one could have imagined exist, so much that it does not make sense.

Also, it is impossible to imagine not more having informations about our "Final Differential Time" that separates us from our target, at the final checkpoint.
How to remove the only thing that counts?

All this can not be explained by technical difficulties, but only by wish.

Detailed explinations:

My discovery of MP4:

I only show big issues and downgrades, especially the inconsistencies and misunderstanding.
Nadeo has all my support.

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Re: Display WR ghosts + PB ghost together?

Post by oiram456 » Today, 15:41

One step further :yes:
Alinoa wrote:
Yesterday, 11:22
# Makers and Titles
- Add possibility to compete against your personal best in the world records menu
Source: viewtopic.php?f=659&t=44947#p302573
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