[MP4] [BUG] [REPLAYS] Text Blocks Are Improper Length

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[MP4] [BUG] [REPLAYS] Text Blocks Are Improper Length

Post by pjw » 22 Aug 2018, 04:52

I noticed odd behavior in a track I was working on, with the replay not corresponding to the in-game MT, so I thought I'd make a simple test map and figure out what I was doing wrong. Nope, still broken in the test map. Test track and corresponding broken replay are available for download here:


In the test track, I have three clip groups, each containing a text block. The first is 1 second long, the second is 2 seconds long, the third is 3 seconds long--like so:


In the picture below, the top half shows what the replay looks like by default. You can see that the first text block is the proper 1 sec. length, but the second one is over twice the length it should be, and the third one extends completely past the end of the actual replay time, despite only being 3 seconds long in-game.


The bottom half of the picture above shows what the second and third text blocks look like after I slide them over to the left, so that they begin at replay start. When I do that, they end roughly when they should.

Based on that, I suspect that somewhere in the replay code, the text block length is being calculated as
when it should actually be
but that's just a guess.

[Edit: Nope, further testing shows that it's something more complicated than that.]

Either way, something seems broken?

Hopefully I'm not doing something really dumb, and have somehow made hundreds of tracks without realizing something fundamental about mediatracker functionality. :|

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