[TUTORIAL] How to use the new Deformation tool

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[TUTORIAL] How to use the new Deformation tool

Post by niebo26 » 26 Oct 2018, 11:22

Hello item makers !

If you were in the previous betas or if you already fiddled with the mesh Modeler, you've already seen a tool called "BlocTransformation" in the Selection Mode of the Mesh Modeler. If not, don't worry, you'll know everything here. The tool (when working) let you to bend, twist, etc a selection of your geometry. But it was kind of limited and the UX was not one of the best in the world. That's why it was revamped.


Now you should see this when entering the Deformation tool after you selected some geometry (as always, the more subdivided your geometry is, the smoother the results will be). Here, you have 4 options on your control spline (the orange line) :
  • Change control spline original direction, by clicking the orange dot at one end of the control spline. When you click it, you'll see 4 orange dots that are the usable origins for your control spline. They depend of your selection size. Click one to set a new direction (if you made other changes on your control spline, they'll be adapted and "converted" to your new direction).

  • Edit "step control frame". A step control frame is the lime green square line you can see on the other end of the control spline. Deformation tool now follows these as obligatory steps for the control spline and thus your geometry. Click the center of that frame to enter its own edition mode. Here you have 4 options available :


    - Move the step control frame (with the center of the frame).
    - The 3 others lime dots let you rotate the frame following the local reference frame of the spline (on the picture above, each "rotate" label has its color matching the axis it will let you rotate around).

    You can exit the edit step control frame mode by clicking anywhere else or by pressing escape.
  • Extend the control spline by adding a new step control frame, by clicking the green dot, next to the last step control frame of the spline. After clicking once, when you click again, you will add a new step control frame in parallel with the last control frame.


    You can press escape to not add your step control frame
  • Add a step control frame between two existing step control frames, by clicking a lime dot in the middle of two step control frames on the control spline. In that mode, you'll see a dozen of orange dots appear on the control spline between the two step control frames corresponding to your first click : click one of them to add a step control frame


    You can exit the mode with escape or by clicking anywhere else than the orange dots.
If you want to delete a step control frame, you can with right click on its center.
When you're done with the Deformation tool, you can press escape to exit it, or click another mode.
The Deformation tool uses its own undo stuff, so while using it, you can only undo what you've done in the current use : when you exit the Deformation tool (with escape or by selecting another mode), you'll lose your different steps that you've made in the Deformation tool (if you undo now, it'll undo everything at once)

As usual, if i'm not clear enough, don't hesitate to drop some questions about the tool here, i'll answer them ;)
Hope you like this tool !


PS : here's a video trying to show some possibilities of the tool :D
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Re: How to use the new Bloc Transformation / Deformation tool

Post by Florenzius » 26 Oct 2018, 11:23

Thanks for explaining niebo, will definitely try it out
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Re: How to use the new Bloc Transformation / Deformation tool

Post by Demented » 26 Oct 2018, 15:30

Wow. That is such a cool tool. I liked it before but it was a bit tricky. This looks so nice. :thumbsup:
Also, I too appreciate the nice explanations and examples.
Watched the video.
(I made some banked curve transitions in my F1-Kit a while back and started with a straight road divided into 32 segments and adjusted each segment, individually one at a time to get the desired shape).
Took me about 15 minutes to do what you just did in a few seconds. :roflol:
Love the new additions!
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Re: How to use the new Bloc Transformation / Deformation tool

Post by TMarc » 27 Oct 2018, 13:24

Nice! :thumbsup:

At first, when I saw the headline, I thought "wow, now they are adding objects that show deformed when the car crashes into it :o ", but then "oh, only deformation for modelling... :( " :roflol:
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