Nadeo Envimix Time Attack

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Nadeo Envimix Time Attack

Post by BigBang1112 » 01 Dec 2018, 16:31


Welcome to the official topic post for the program
Nadeo Envimix Time Attack

What is Envimix?
- You can play any map with all the different available cars in Trackmania.

What is Nadeo Envimix?
- Pretty much the same challenge Envimix but on official Nadeo maps.

How does the time attack work?
- The records are split into 4 different columns for each car. You can switch between the cars however you like in the small game menu.

What maps does the program contain?
- The program contains some picks from the Nadeo White and Green series from each environment. To see other maps, check out the title pack solo mode. :P

Can you also play with TMUF cars on the program?
- Nope. Although: the solo mode in the title pack allows just that! The cars are not even planned to run on the program, but they will be available in the mode EnvimixTimeAttackUnited separately which... won't come soon. xd

If you like the challenge and you own all four Trackmania 2 environments, get the title pack Nadeo Envimix here and try to finish any of the 260 Nadeo maps (supports skillpoints and leaderboards for each car!) or any map you want through Local Play.

Thanks for checking the program out! If you have anything to say or report, feel free to write down below.
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