Game doesnt create PACK files correctly ! Skin.Pack.Gbx

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Game doesnt create PACK files correctly ! Skin.Pack.Gbx

Post by BestNoob » 07 Dec 2018, 14:10

ohh Nadeo why do you make live for modders so hard ? Do you need :thx: to help modders ? I give you a :thx: now ^^

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Actually there is following problem:

Environment Modifications called MODs need to be a Skin.Pack.Gbx
But in MP4 and MP4.1 the game only creating Pack.Gbx files and you cannot use Pack.Gbx files (Title Packs) as Skin.Pack.Gbx (Skin Packs for mods)

Or is there a new way ?

Please FIX thank you !
I found the Problem, the location of the files you want to pack must be the same they are/should stored/unpacked/used in later.
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