[Bug?] CreateSound never leaves download state

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[Bug?] CreateSound never leaves download state

Post by braker » 08 Dec 2018, 12:57

Hello nadeo,

I´m coding a client side music player manialink for my controller. I´ve encountered a, as it seems to me, bug.
When creating a sound with CAudioManager it never leaves the download state.

I´ve checked the url on validity with Http.IsValidUrl(url) and when downloading the file with CHttpManager it finishes and returns (binary), when opening the encoded url in the browser it plays the song as it should.

Code: Select all

declare src = Audio.CreateSound(url, 1.0, True, True, False);
wait(src.DownloadInProgress == False);
Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? I´m sure it worked before.

So apparently streams are no more supported by CreateSound, I´ve changed it from stream to file delivery (thanks mtkd for the tip) and the file song download finishes, but only after 30s (my connection loads the file in under a second, also when loading with httpmanager it does in 1-2s). Also the song does not start to play (when calling.Play()) before you respawn.
A functionality to force finish loading to cache would be nice (also for images).

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