Maniacontrol random crash

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Maniacontrol random crash

Post by floteix » 05 Jan 2019, 19:31


I'm configuring a dedicated server with ManiaControl, everything worked fine, ManiaControl runs on the server but I have a problem, after about a day, maniacontrol crash alone, and i don't know why

My error:

Code: Select all

[05-Jan-2019 15:53:16 UTC] [INFO] Player left: sungz / Jaja Playtime: 00:07:26
[05-Jan-2019 15:53:16 UTC] [INFO] Debug: Dedimania Player removed

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 40 seconds exceeded in C:\Users\Florent.DESKTOP-20H1FVA\Desktop\Trackmania Server Entreprise\Serveur 4\core\Utils\SystemUtil.php on line 220
[05-Jan-2019 16:46:36 UTC] [PHP ERROR]: Maximum execution time of 40 seconds exceeded
File&Line: C:\Users\Florent.DESKTOP-20H1FVA\Desktop\Trackmania Server Entreprise\Serveur 4\core\Utils\SystemUtil.php: 220
[05-Jan-2019 16:46:36 UTC] Error-Report successful!
[05-Jan-2019 16:46:36 UTC] Quitting ManiaControl after Fatal Error.
I'm working on a server hosting service and it's very hassle.

Plz help me :? :?

My discord: FTV.FuroX#5748

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