[SOLVED][SM] Items dont work like in localplay

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[SOLVED][SM] Items dont work like in localplay

Post by smokegun » 12 Jul 2019, 16:42


Dedicated servers have been annoying me lately because some features dont work like servers launched from the game (Online/Local Player or even the Map Editor).

This has been the case for forced skins via script, I managed to fix it by forcing a skin via a Bot Item.
But there is also a problem with custom items, materials with PhysicsId dont work.

Here is an example with a material with the PhysicsId TechGravityChange.

In Online/Local Play:
The block with the custom material work as expected, the block is smooth and it changes the gravity of the player.

In a dedicated server:
The player seems to be stuck in the slope of the block, the gravity doesn't change.

It is just too bad that there are so many cool features to make custom contents, but it is just impossible to share it with other players in regular servers.
I had to start a server via the Online Play menu just to test the map with a friend.
The dedicated server was running on a Linux box and the version was 2019-05-23_18_00, I saw that there is a newer update but without any mentions of items so I didn't bother to update it.

Thanks for reading and I hope that there will be a fix soon ^^"
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Re: [SM] Items dont work like in localplay

Post by killerboye » 15 Jul 2019, 17:50

I also noticed this inconsistent behavior of the custom materials.
In localplay, they work fine, but then on a dedicated server, they act like this (ignore the music :D ): https://streamable.com/daw71
In the example, I used a custom block where the floor has a woodslide custom materials, but the rest of the block is untouched. If I remember corerctly when creating an item of this, not a custom block, then the slide worked as intended on dedicated server.
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Re: [SM] Items dont work like in localplay

Post by smokegun » 16 Jul 2019, 19:14

So on 07-05, the Windows dedicated server works as expected but not the linux one.

EDIT: After some hours of research, the problem was fairly obvious, I forgot to update the titlepack containing the material in my dedicated servers. -_-

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Re: [SOLVED][SM] Items dont work like in localplay

Post by TMarc » 19 Jul 2019, 12:53

ah, this happens :lol:
Good to see you have solved it yourself :thumbsup:
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