Update 1.13.0

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Update 1.13.0

Post by Miss » 12 Sep 2019, 17:54

Openplanet 1.13.0 is out now! Lots of great fixes and new features.

  • Added the ability for plugins to categorize settings
  • Added the ability to stop Openplanet from loading entirely by holding the "Pause" key while starting ManiaPlanet
  • Added regex flags to Regex API
  • Added `RenderSettings()` function to plugins
  • Added `string::Join()` script function
  • Added `UI::Separator()`
  • Added `Dev::ReadInt` and `Dev::WriteInt`
  • Added initial support for dedicated server builds (Windows + Linux)
  • Updated the way the game update routine runs
  • Updated game version data (slightly faster startup speed)
  • Updated Angelscript & ImGui
  • Fixed Openplanet not loading on Windows 7
  • Fixed plugin settings not being sorted correctly
  • Fixed `IO::File::Read()` only ever returning a buffer of size 1
  • Fixed drawing API not drawing behind all the other UI
  • Fixed enum property getters returning as reference rather than value
  • Fixed json escaping being wrong in some scenarios
  • Fixed documentation for Import API
  • Fixed potential future compatibility issues
  • Fixed a couple minor general stability issues
(Windows 7 users: You will likely have to update manually due to Openplanet being slightly broken with the last update. Sorry about that :oops:)

Also, check out the brand new Openplanet website!
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