Modding bugs (stadium)

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Modding bugs (stadium)

Post by PLTX » 30 Nov 2019, 19:34

Hello, I'm actually working on several mods but I'm encountering some problems (coming from maniaplanet itself) :
There is a bug on the normal map of the freewheel texture "StadiumRoadFreeWheelingN", what shows is the normal map of the turbo... "StadiumRoadTurboN".
Same thing for "StadiumRoadFreeWheelingDetails" with "StadiumRoadTurboDetails".

I had another problem : Normal maps of "StadiumCircuitLogoN" & "StadiumStartLogoN" are not working (showing) and instead shows the default normal maps.
For "StadiumWarpAuvent2" it's almost the same problem, but this time it is its specular wich is not working, it stays with the default specular for this block. (but glows too much, for whatever reason...)

Also, Some textures are really degraded / pixelated even if the original texture file is HD. (ex: zepplin, StadiumCircuitLogoD...)

Another problem is that mods converted in .pack.gbx does not work online on a server, yes they seems to download but no they don't show on the map... (even by trying to restart the map / change game's launcher settings / trying with another mod / deleting the whole cache and trying again) nothing makes it work.
Only works in local play.

These bugs are quite annoying. :x Please check other links between Blocks and their Normal & Specular maps, there may are other problems.

In hope for an answer, thank you.

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