TMCanyon/Valley/Stadium/Laggon MP 4.0 Files

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TMCanyon/Valley/Stadium/Laggon MP 4.0 Files

Post by FTTMP » 28 Mar 2020, 15:51

Hello there,
since Maniaplanet Update 4.1 maniaplanet is not able to shadowcalculate openplanet maps which have more than 28.000 coppers in most of the cases. Back then with mp 4.0 it worked fine until up to 140.000 coppers and map sizes up to 200x200x200 blocks.

I would like to install a second version of maniaplanet with the old version to use it as kind of a shadowcalculation machine. xD
I already tested the compatibility of 4.0 maps with 4.1.
But to have the old version again I need maniaplanet 4.0 file + the 4.0 envi-packs. Bcs even If I install 4.0 maniaplanet the game will make me download the titles of 4.1 and update maniaplanet to 4.1 so this would not work.

Is there a way to somewhere get those files?
Nadeo please feel adressed xDDD


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