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Re: Vsync Problem

Post by oggologgo » 01 Jun 2019, 22:45

Leak wrote:
17 Sep 2011, 18:11
pariah wrote:Well with the current setting, if i disabled vsync and try play splitscreen, i can get a stable 42-45 fps. But if i activate vsync, i get 30fps no matter what.
<achievement>Congratulations, you've successfully activated the VSync option in TM2.</achievement>

"Vsync" means "wait for the vertical sync before displaying a new frame", which in turn means you won't get a mix of the old and the new frame transmitted to your display, which is what causes tearing.

If your GPU is fast enough (or your graphics settings are low enough), you'll get the same number of frames per second as your screens refresh rate. If rendering a frame takes longer than one refresh (i.e. if you see anything lower than 60 FPS with your screen at 60Hz, as in your case) you'll get to see a new frame every second time a frame is sent to your screen. So depending on your non-VSync-FPS with VSync you'll always get either 60, 30, 20, 15, 12, 10 etc. frames per second.

To "fix" this, either get a better graphics card or turn down the graphics quality so rendering a frame takes less time. Easy as that. You can also try setting the GPU/CPU synchro to "None".

Actually, that is not how vsync works. That's just how trackmania had chosen to do it.

Vsync only means, that the renderer will only refresh the image, when the screen refreshes the image. It does NOT mean the framerate can only be something, which 60 is a multiple of. The main purpose is to avoid screen tearing (when the frame is being changed midway during a screen refresh), and secondly to avoid unnecessary processing.

You can have an fps lower than 60, with vsync on, on a 60 hz monitor. The frames just won't necessarily not be evenly spaced.

If for example, the renderer doesn't render frame 52 in time for the 52nd screen refresh, it will just wait with "sending" it, until the 53rd screen refresh. With an fps a little lower than 60, this means a few frames will be shown for 2 refresh cycles instead of 1. It will still look good, and certainly much better than 30 fps.

That is how vsync normally works.

(Sorry for necroposting. I got it out now. Trackmania probably already changed it anyway. Sorry)

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