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by yodabuds
13 Sep 2012, 16:40
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Xbox 360 Pad
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Re: Xbox 360 Pad

You can get an EXCELLENT program that weill let you bind your keyboard keys to the Xbox controller, its called Xpodder. Also why not just get something like the Razer Nostromos or Logitech G13 if the largeness of the KB is throwing you off.. I feel you pain, Ive ALWAYS been a console game until rece...
by yodabuds
13 Sep 2012, 16:31
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: In Game Voice?
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In Game Voice?

Im new around here and from what I can gather, SM does not have its own built in voice chat? I for the life of me... and one of the reason I've only played multiplayer, mmo games on the PC is because of the effort that you need to go through to be able to chat with others? I don't understand if a sy...

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