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by maczo6
10 Aug 2017, 15:26
Forum: Title Packs
Topic: TrackMania One - Speed (V2) | Coming this summer!
Replies: 179
Views: 61791

Re: TrackMania One - A new challenge

Can't wait! :1010
by maczo6
25 Jan 2016, 19:38
Forum: Trackmania Turbo
Topic: Questions & Answers Trackmania Turbo
Replies: 1000
Views: 141275

Re: Questions & Answers Trackmania Turbo

What about the track editor on consoles? How to use it with a controller?
by maczo6
27 Feb 2015, 22:11
Forum: Workbench
Topic: [TP] Minimalize & 2D Racing Topic
Replies: 12
Views: 3193

Re: [TP] 2D Racing

Yaaay! 2D!
by maczo6
12 Feb 2015, 22:04
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: Gdzie tanio kupie TM2 Valley?
Replies: 9
Views: 4866

Re: Gdzie tanio kupie TM2 Valley?

djhubertus wrote:Gdyby Nadeo miało jakiekolwiek pojęcie o marketingu i promocji, to widzielibyśmy tutaj 500x więcej graczy.
by maczo6
27 Jan 2015, 19:38
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: Questions and answers
Replies: 1235
Views: 203834

Re: Questions and answers

When Hello Planet #5?
by maczo6
17 Sep 2014, 17:18
Forum: Announcements
Topic: ManiaPlanet 3.1 fix 2014-09-10
Replies: 22
Views: 9080

Re: ManiaPlanet 3.1 fix 2014-09-10

nice! :D
by maczo6
31 Jul 2014, 14:55
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: Witaj Planeto #4
Replies: 5
Views: 11257

Re: Witaj Planeto #4

Też dziękuję. Lepiej późno niż wcale... :)
by maczo6
17 Jul 2014, 14:56
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist
Replies: 812
Views: 152530

Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

TUTORIALS Many users don't know most of the ManiaPlanet capabilities: why not create tutorials and/or more familiar interface? CREATE YOUR GAME New, intuitive titlepack creator not only for advanced users: everyone can create your own game but only the best creations are on the top of the Store. NE...
by maczo6
09 Jul 2014, 11:08
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: TrackMania 2 LEGO Racing TITLEPACK
Replies: 11
Views: 3252

Re: TrackMania 2 LEGO Racing TITLEPACK

If real lego logo is not good I have a new logo:


It will be added in next update, so you won't be sad :thumbsup:

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