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by wooloo
11 Dec 2016, 10:31
Forum: Workbench
Topic: [3D/2D] My TM² content showcase...
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Re: [3D/2D] My TM² content showcase...

Great stuff! Love your anime-themed skins too :D
Might drive with your Rocket Bunny Miku from now on :thumbsup:
Btw, how about a Rem skin for the Subaru? Would be the prefect combination ;)
by wooloo
01 Nov 2016, 20:42
Forum: Title Packs
Topic: TrackMania Snow
Replies: 96
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Re: TRACKMANIA 2 SNOW - Released Now!

TMarc wrote: The music is nice, but is it loyalty-free?
I'd say I'm rather loyal, not planning on using it on other games or projects :P
ManiaDesign wrote:
TMarc wrote:Great, very nice music :thumbsup:
This music is great, indeed! :D
Thanks guys, was really fun to make!
by wooloo
24 Jul 2016, 19:48
Forum: Off-Topics
Topic: Globe-Browser 1.1
Replies: 32
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Re: Globe-Browser Beta1 // Beta2 soon!

So it is based off the basic Visual Basic browser?
by wooloo
02 Apr 2016, 20:35
Forum: Trackmania Turbo
Topic: Getting the PC Trial through Steam
Replies: 85
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Re: Getting the PC Trial through Steam

You need to download UPlay for that, then you'll find it under the "free" tab.
by wooloo
26 Mar 2016, 11:50
Forum: Trackmania Turbo
Topic: Getting the PC Trial through Steam
Replies: 85
Views: 26005

Re: Getting the PC Trial through Steam

Once the demo is out I'd be really happy if someone could post a notice or link here, I really don't get the website of UPlay. Thanks!
by wooloo
24 Mar 2016, 17:13
Forum: Trackmania Turbo
Topic: Trackmania Turbo: GraphicProblems
Replies: 10
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Re: Trackmania Turbo: GraphicProblems

@SixelAlexiS The thing you call Shadow Box is a technique to improve the performance. Objects in the distance have less details than the one near you. There's a thread about some issues with this system in ShootMania: I'...
by wooloo
24 Mar 2016, 16:51
Forum: Trackmania Turbo
Topic: No Playerpage-Access! [solved]
Replies: 6
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Re: No Playerpage-Access! o.0

Wehre's the exact problem? Wrong Password? Username? Something different?
by wooloo
10 Jan 2016, 13:40
Forum: Medias
Topic: THREE STAGES - Episode I out now!
Replies: 28
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Re: Film-PROJECT "Three Stages" - Voices needed!

Hey Flo. Sorry, but I really have to agree with TMarc - the past has shown that projects like this are mostly not succeeding. And I definitely think that voices are dynamic btw. I just worked on a score for a film project wehre I got a raw-cut completly without voices and fx. Then they recorded the ...
by wooloo
23 Oct 2015, 21:15
Forum: Trackmania Turbo
Topic: Sneak Peek #2: Throw away your flipper, play Arcade!
Replies: 28
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Re: Sneak Peek #2: Throw away your flipper, play Arcade!

Nice to see you keep on doing these Sneak Peeks, that's what we need! :thumbsup: A small, well, really small detail I noticed: I heard earlier that all the characters in Rollercoaster Lagoon are Chinese, but I noticed on one of the screenshots a character that looks pretty much like a bold version o...
by wooloo
28 Sep 2015, 12:28
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: car acts differently in Official-Mode
Replies: 5
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Re: car acts differently in Official-Mode

This is probably a issue with your gamepad, if you're using one. When I drive with my gamepad I also experience small steering even the joystick is in neutral state.

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