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by HypnoSmurf
02 Aug 2013, 18:46
Forum: Trackmania² Canyon Reports
Topic: [Valley] Weird graphical bug when playing online
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Re: [Valley] Weird graphical bug when playing online

I also have this problem... not as extreme as in the attached youtube video, but I do have the occasional mountain popping up on my road.
I also have an AMD GPU.
by HypnoSmurf
23 Jan 2013, 13:10
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: Canyon priorities
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Re: Canyon priorities

I think the way the game handles images on signs is very odd. My tracks have signs at the finish that I use for announcements. (for our smurfs server) When I build the track, I add the images from an url. Then when I change the image that's located at the url, I still see the old image in game. I th...
by HypnoSmurf
29 Aug 2012, 09:49
Forum: Multiplayer
Topic: The Smurfscup is back !!!!
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Re: The Smurfscup is back !!!!

Good to see we're picking it up again after the holiday break.
by HypnoSmurf
01 Dec 2011, 19:42
Forum: Medias
Topic: The Smurfs [Benelux] - Server Promo
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The Smurfs [Benelux] - Server Promo

To promote our wonderfull TM2 server we (The Smurfs) made a promo movie. Link: 1080p Youtube Music: Apollo 440 - Charlie's Angels 2000 (Edited by me to fit the video) Special thanks to: All the smurfs who submitted their replays. BlinneSmurf for his track - Driftigh. So if after watching this promo ...

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