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by nke69
27 Oct 2011, 02:03
Forum: Multiplayer
Topic: ATC Clan Recruiting!
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Re: ATC Clan Reruiting!

Hi everybody ;) - Login name: nke69 - Nick name: Nookie - Nationality: Belgium - Age: 41 - Have you been in other clans before? If yes which ones: None - How long have you been playing TM for: Since 2007 - What TM games do you own? (ie: TM2 Canyon, TMUF etc) TMUF and TM2 Canyon - Have your heard of ...
by nke69
25 Oct 2011, 19:03
Topic: TPS GASECO 2.x Release
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Re: TPS GASECO 2.x Release

In the download, it's always the v. 2.0 ;)
by nke69
21 Oct 2011, 17:51
Topic: time limit on safemode
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Re: time limit on safemode

hello gekko, that was it.

Thank you very much.
by nke69
21 Oct 2011, 00:16
Topic: time limit on safemode
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time limit on safemode

Hi all,

Since this morning i have this error when i'm changing few maps on server.

Code: Select all

[PHP Warning] set_time_limit(): Cannot set time limit in safe mode on line 24 in file /home/tm2rpg/tps2_0.php
Someone can help me please ? thx ;)
by nke69
15 Sep 2011, 08:02
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: [KB²] Scripts for ManiaPlanet
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Re: [KB²] Scripts for ManiaPlanet

Ha merci beaucoup, moi qui commence tout juste dans la création de manialinks, ce tuto est une aide précieuse :)

Je go direct te faire un don :)
by nke69
07 Sep 2011, 23:00
Forum: Dedicated Server
Topic: XAseco2 Errors
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Re: XAseco2 Errors


I had the same problem and I solved it by reinstalling the sql XAseco

I hope this will help;)

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