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by benj9029
02 Feb 2020, 21:15
Forum: Title Pack & Custom Data Creation
Topic: Batch Item Modification ?
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Batch Item Modification ?

Hey everyone, currently working on a project that require around 1500+ items. Problem is that if I want them to be handy to use, I need to modify the placement parameter of them. Do you guys know about any tool that could modify those 1500+ items using a few clicks. I already find a way to optimize ...
by benj9029
10 Jan 2020, 21:17
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Wishes from the Ubisoft Nadeo team!
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Re: Wishes from the Ubisoft Nadeo team!

Thanks for everything, hope nadeo will get an amazing 2020 year :D
Thanks for all creative tool you give to the community to play the game they want :D
A big :thx: to everyone :)

Best wishes guys :3 :pil
by benj9029
28 Dec 2019, 03:39
Forum: Title Pack & Custom Data Creation
Topic: [Project] FlightMania TTP
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[Project] FlightMania TTP

Hey guys, Toady I'll be indroducing some of my works done recently. This thing is called FlightMania/PlaneMania/WhateverThatFlightLikeAPlaneMania. All of this is made with openplanet and scripts that I can't share right now. Here is a quick example of what we can do RIGHT NOW (this will be modified ...
by benj9029
03 Dec 2019, 20:31
Forum: Mesh Modeler
Topic: Item aren't going in the embed
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Item aren't going in the embed

hey there,
I recently, using external software, modified an item collection so lagoon item in canyon.
Once I save, no items goes in the embed for some obscure reason.
Hope to get answers :D

by benj9029
30 Nov 2019, 00:54
Forum: Mesh Modeler
Topic: Why are those blocks imposible in TM2 Stadium ?
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Why are those blocks imposible in TM2 Stadium ?

Hey there, Today, I just want to ask why are some mechanics exclusive to a game ? For example, a really asked thing is valley train in TM2. Thos items have a moving collision and work pretty well, 2 questions comes. Why are thos not mesh modellable ? and why isn't there this kind of blocks in other ...
by benj9029
24 Aug 2019, 01:47
Forum: Multiplayer
Topic: Trackmania Cars Bug
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Trackmania Cars Bug

Hey, I recently made a shootmania server to play bumper car with friends (yeah, don't shoot people :) ) but the problem is that, if my friend enter in a car, the car visually desepear but hitbox is still there, it's kind of a problem to play bumper car :^) Would like to know if anyone have a way to ...
by benj9029
23 Aug 2019, 13:27
Forum: Mesh Modeler
Topic: SM movable items ?????
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SM movable items ?????

Hey, I recently paid a bit more attention to shootmania due to the fact that shootmania blocks are interestiong for rpg map. In my research I've saw the vehicles in custom items. Just saw those items that have collision but ALSO move as you shoot them, they apply to a physics and that's really cool....
by benj9029
21 Aug 2019, 17:36
Forum: ManiaControl
Topic: Few script issue
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Few script issue

Hey, The scriptloader script isn't working, the error is that the plugin can't find the directory. All the scripts are in GameData/Script/Modes/TrackMania and everything is CHMOD 777 There is also an error at start [21-Aug-2019 16:21:23 UTC] Starting ManiaControl... [21-Aug-2019 16:21:23 UTC] Checki...
by benj9029
21 Aug 2019, 10:08
Forum: Mesh Modeler
Topic: Item resize?
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Re: Item resize?

The problem is that I've used the "create items from macroblock" hidden feature but I can't edit it globally and items are not mesh editable

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