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13 Apr 2020, 14:28
Forum: Support and technical issues (not bug)
Topic: How to get TM running faster
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How to get TM running faster

Hello there, At the moment - and in preparation for the new tm game of 05.05.2020 - I want to make my pc work faster especially for Trackmania. I play TM2 in 4k with normally around 40-70 fps on highest settings. Although my pc is just using around 1.5gb of my 16 gb ram my pc is not able to deal wit...
28 Mar 2020, 15:51
Forum: Openplanet
Topic: TMCanyon/Valley/Stadium/Laggon MP 4.0 Files
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TMCanyon/Valley/Stadium/Laggon MP 4.0 Files

Hello there, since Maniaplanet Update 4.1 maniaplanet is not able to shadowcalculate openplanet maps which have more than 28.000 coppers in most of the cases. Back then with mp 4.0 it worked fine until up to 140.000 coppers and map sizes up to 200x200x200 blocks. I would like to install a second ver...
24 Mar 2020, 15:56
Topic: Maniaplanet bugs occuring everytime after 5 months of playing
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Maniaplanet bugs occuring everytime after 5 months of playing

Hello there, In the last two years I had to reinstall maniaplanet 4 times because every time after 5 months of playing without any problems suddenly the same bugs occured again. I thought It might be because of my computer. But then the third time I installed it on an other pc and the 4. time on ano...

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