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Re: ShootMania - How active this game REALLY is.

Post by plopp » 08 Sep 2014, 18:48

Hylis wrote:What if your negativity is also less helping for the reputation of the game. If you spend your day saying that SM has no future because of (insert whatever "omg it's so important" topic here) instead of explaining why other players should play SM, or inviting other players to do so, maybe things can be better.
It doesn't matter how many new players someone brings if they have no reason to stay. I can sweet-talk the game to my friends and only tell them the possitives, they're still gonna see the negatives when they play.

I love this game. I do not agree with your priorities to push this game forward. It's the "I'm game dev, you're not"-spirit that makes people negative.

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Re: ShootMania - How active this game REALLY is.

Post by kripkee » 08 Sep 2014, 19:17

plopp wrote:I love this game. I do not agree with your priorities to push this game forward. It's the "I'm game dev, you're not"-spirit that makes people negative.
It's always easy to say that as user, but it doesn't matter to force the devs to do these things.

We have for example design ideas for Maniaplanet and there is a Manialink which show us this design, we have ideas to improve this game with new blocks, we are here to find bugs and so on.

If you can't wait for all this, you should maybe do a break. no offence.

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Re: ShootMania - How active this game REALLY is.

Post by TMarc » 08 Sep 2014, 19:56

It's rather "we constantly ask the devs but we never get it now".
Active users know that this is not entirely true, there are many reports where the devs answered "fixed with next update, thanks".

The fact is also: sometimes we get a reason or an answer, sometimes we get something, but sometimes we also get nothing, and this for longer time.
But then... surprise!
For some, it is not always a good one, as they are never happy whatever they get, and for some others, they are happy as long as they see some improvement.

But it is rather normal and human that the unhappy users more frequently or more easily write what they don't like, whereas the happy don't even see the need of writing why they're happy or what they like.

At the moment (or since release of ShootMania), we have some combined issues at the same time:
- relatively low player base
- unsatisfied players (e.g. there was nearly no day since the last update where there was no report about matchmaking issues)
- apparent and feeled issues with the game

I guess as long as the really bad issues are not fixed, as long as the prominent players are not satisfied, they will not spread the word, or at least they won't tell good about it, and the playerbase will remain small.
A vicious circle.
But the complexity of the game has also increased a lot.
Newbies might be confused at first, or disappointed by other "much better" players that are always beating them.
Because of my spare time, I have mostly lost interest in playing ShootMania, also because I can't train enough to really get better to survive at least one round. Sometimes I trying out new interesting modes, but that's all I can do.
Of course this is also a deciscion which games to play in general, but the more attractive and accessible a game is, the more easy it is to continue it.

I have the feeling that "nearly everyone" is rushing towards Elite, because it is played the most, it is played in tournaments, and there are apparently many points to gain.
Perhaps Elite should be reserved for the real pro gamers, or at least only allowed to enter with a certain level reached in Storm or a Elite preparation title.

The new solo platform is a nice training ground, but there should be something similar with bots (like "Elite training" title, but more general) from the official side.

What the devs can do here, is a good question. They are certainly doing their best.
But there is still so much to do, and for the devs it looks like it would never end,
and the players always want even more new stuff or changes.

The discussion about player count in ShootMania is somehow interesting.
If you look at the count of Valley players in comparison, Nadeo should litteraly cry, as they would never had expected it to be that low that soon.
Sometimes there are even more ShootMania players than all TrackMania titles together.
So basically ShootMania player count is rather a luxury issue, isn't it?
After the vacation periods, the active counts should raise, until next exams phases.
Let's hope :thumbsup:

Patience is probably the best advice, for everyone.

Of course this does not mean we should stop writing reports, like novationx shows nicely :thumbsup:
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Re: ShootMania - How active this game REALLY is.

Post by Preko » 08 Sep 2014, 20:15

Yeah, i agree with this post.
The game need more players as soon as possible !
This will improve SM for sure !

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Re: ShootMania - How active this game REALLY is.

Post by alits » 08 Sep 2014, 20:41

Hi everyone,

I read all the previous posts to understand and think about where is the game going.

As a nadeo games player since TMO, I played every nadeo game until TM², I think that the promotion was not what it had to be.
TMN was the most popular game, because it's free, and players want to play, but they don't want to spend 15e in a game, but it's not the discussion. When Nadeo released TMUnited, the game was popular, but at this time there was no e-sport to help the game to be known, and then after years some teams like C-Play (and all others) do on SM continued to make some competitions, but the game was like SM right know, a small community, no communication to help the game, some very good players on 1 mode (coast), and some casuals on the others.

Now it's time to talk about SM, as most of us, I bought SM at the start of the beta. The game was expected and than to the élite mode, the game started to be really competitive, and then atractive for the competitive players.

But now, competitive players only play before the biggest competitions, to earn some money, and I'm pretty sure that after the ESWC tournament they will leave the game until ESWC 2015. So I play regulary at SM for the past 4 months and as a low gold player I can't find people at my level to play with, I can't go on gold MM because it's only top 50 players, can't go on silver MM because it's not funny for me and for the beginners, so I have to play obstacle alone (not funny... I'm not Hero...), and wait until 8pm to play 1 hour with the same 5 people.

It's not really entertaning, and I'm actually asking myself : "Why there aren't more big events on Shootmania ?", "Why there is no communication from Nadeo to make know his game ?".

It's not only the game that have to be changed, but please, you can do better to attract new players.

On, there is no more SM stream, the only one I know who's stream is d0li, and with the maximum of 20 viewers when streaming a big online tournament.

I think that the community manager and all of the Nadeo team could do more about the popularity of the game...

Sorry for my english, as a french player, it's not easy to make me understod...
The game is competitive,

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Re: ShootMania - How active this game REALLY is.

Post by novationx » 08 Sep 2014, 20:47

alits wrote:Hi everyone,
Sorry for my english, as a french player, it's not easy to make me understod...
The game is competitive,
I made a French translation in the french forums. Maybe that can help you a bit more.

Thanks for the feedback. :thumbsup:
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Re: ShootMania - How active this game REALLY is.

Post by burningschnitzel » 08 Sep 2014, 20:53

Hey Guys,

I think the idea with an elite training or beginning mode is really good, because many of the new players play Battle. It is very hard to switch from Battle to Elite on Servers, where everybody has a higher rank than you. This might scare some of them. :/

And it's also sad to see high rank players which rush these guys, just to earn points. They should try to help them!

There are many talented players, but they have almost no chance to train.



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Re: ShootMania - How active this game REALLY is.

Post by novationx » 09 Sep 2014, 01:33

Hylis wrote: You seem to agree that the fact that the game is unknown is one of the main issue, but you don't seem to think that making a good reputation for it is important. And I think we disagree on that. But that's not a big deal. I will continue to work, enjoy Shootmania and be convinced that the awesome community (including you) is much more important than negativity toward us.
1. I said the game is unknown, but its not the main issue. Its not the main issue at all.
2. I névér said that a good reputation is not important.

I would love this game to have a good reputation. It would be a wish come true. It would be amazing. And on some parts ShootMania already has a good reputation... But when you look at the numbers/screenshots you can see its NOT good. How can you ask of me to be positive about this?

You wanna know why I post these threads? Its because I hope you will finally see what is REALLY happening with this game. Almost every match I play people are complaining. Or I cant play because there are no players. I have bugs on MatchMaking every day... I cant convince my friends to even install the demo...
Im the only one that takes the time to share it with you, hoping you will fix it... And you come here on the forums and reply Im mister-negative...

What do you want from me? Only posts when its positive & remain silent when its negative?
Thats not how the world works, my friend.

Did it ever, even just a milisecond, occur to you that maybe I'm right? The majority of comments here say Im right. Or doesnt that count either?

You also névér ever reply to this but ill write it again. ( This is also for all non-believers )
--> Join the FB-group & scroll down.

Only rage, complaints, jokes about this game, insults towards NADEO, etc etc etc.
The general feeling of the community is = not happy.

Accept it & start powerup this week! :oops: The negativity will fade-away rapidly & thats a promis.
We dont need new stuff, we need a better game.
The neverending waiting game has to stop.

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Re: ShootMania - How active this game REALLY is.

Post by Xenome77 » 09 Sep 2014, 03:53

Dunno about positive or negative attitude on forum. But about the reputation of the game you are wrong. If you take all good player who leaves the game or play just for fun now...
This game is in rly bad situations actualy 2 years ago you sell it like it will be the future of eSport on fps.
But here we are now 1 international event per years... you got 2 big event IPL on Elite and you didn't take any benefit of it.
I hope you gonna find solution we give you many solution on this forum but you need to push up a mode like you do at begining with Elite mode. This mode need more attention to be attractive for eSport. Nobody care about shootmania actualy no news no stream no cashprize... all it's done for lose the last part of comunity. Then you talk about good reputation ? Wich reputation ? 100 player comunity ? open your eyes pls.
Look Csgo/Dota/LoL they found way too raise money to organize big event and make huge comunity.

And one more time we don't know what you gonna release i'm pretty boring about this, 3 time the game got major change and not in good ways for all.
It's like your anti-cheat you said it works but where is banlist ??? All anti-cheat got ban list but nadeo dosn't need.
So i can be or appear mad on this post but i waste so much time on this game for see this evolution on 2 years.
Big disappointement for me.

You can find some of your feedback and suggestions here in french sry :? :

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Re: ShootMania - How active this game REALLY is.

Post by Pedal » 09 Sep 2014, 07:39


Do yourself a favor, stop wasting your time trying/hoping to see some changes in this game(s).

Hylis/Nadeo doesn't care as they are making this game(s) according to their own plan and mainly providing nothing more than tools for "artists" who like to build and create stuff. They also seem to want to choose their userbase/customers by always saying "it's my way or the highway".

You are a young guy, when you get as old as i am you will realize that life is short and definately too short to waste your time and energy trying to change something that cannot be changed. Fight the battles you can win.

Use your time playing games you feel are good, enjoy yourself, have fun, that's what's it's all about.

Do as so many others, incl. myself, leave MP behind you and let it sail it's own path and let the market-powers do it's wonders.... -Then, someday, when Hylis/Nadeo is sitting there with nothing but empty servers, i guess they will still be claiming that they have +12k log-ins and +500K registrations. But let them do that and let them sit there and make their games, their mods, their tracks etc, but they for sure will not have anybody else than themselves to join them.

Best regards and with nothing more than best wishes for you and your own life.

de pedal.


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