Royal: Why is the rotating server as it is?

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Royal: Why is the rotating server as it is?

Post by Nicobite » 08 Jul 2017, 19:04

Royal used to be a very popular mode with a vast amount of maps. It was possibly my favorite gamemode due to how complete it felt (duels, survival, ...)

The rotating server, or "Channel", has two variations of this mode: Royal Fun and Royal XP. With all due respect, these variations are garbage.
  • Royal "Fun" isn't even "Fun", it has a maximum of 3-4 maps and all the power-ups end up doing is give unlimited rockets to everyone (due it it being by far the most common power-up)
  • Royal XP is on another level. It has only 2 maps, but the main issue is the existence of guided missiles. "Fun" also has guided missiles, but they are rare and random. "XP", on the other hand, allows you to have guidded missiles constantly after you played one full game. Sure they only last one round, but you can rebuy them over and over, because they are cheap as heck - so they are de facto permanent. They are also way too strong, increasing your ammo and recharge rate for free, as if auto guidance wasn't enough. What the fuck. Who is the genius who decided having permanent guided missiles belongs in Shootmania?
This honestly makes me sad. Royal had a variety of maps, was fun, was simple, was much better than this. Why change things if it's only to make them much worse? Why?! Please put normal Royal in the rotation, instead of these boring variations.

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Re: Royal: Why is the rotating server as it is?

Post by HYPE » 09 Jul 2017, 13:35

First of all: I think the missles are not op at all. They are so easy to dodge that it is almost impossible to win a 1v1 with them. :P

But back to your question. I am planning to make a Royal program which will be just like you used to know it. No random items and no xp. It will feature the maps which has been proven to be fun to play with a lot of players over multiple years in our SmurfsCups.
Speaking of which: There is already the SmurfsCup Royal Warmup program running today at 7pm CEST! Its the warmup and also advertisment for the SmurfsCup Royal which is every week on Sunday just one 1 h later at 8pm CEST on the Royal server. If you own the game, feel free to join us! :)
I can't prmoise that I will be able to make that other royal program any time soon, but we will see. ;)
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