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New Pack F1

Post by emmanuel19 » 15 Jun 2017, 16:21

Hi !
There's really a problem with this pack, a lot of players can't play because the download already restart and they don't know how to do ! My competition will be down ......
Please, Someone at Nadéo could find a solution?

Thanks !

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Re: New Pack F1

Post by Fabinou38 » 15 Jun 2017, 18:08

Try this : (original post : viewtopic.php?f=545&t=41733) ;)
Fabinou38 wrote:
03 Jun 2017, 19:46
I had the same problem, the creator of this Title Pack said :
mcrobert wrote:there is a problem in ManiaPlanet cloud for Stadium F1 at download resets and resumes, before downloading the New Title, delete the file from the Packs folder "Stadium - F1.Title.Pack.Gbx", please download Stadium F1 from the link below, install it in the "\Documents\Maniaplanet\Packs\" folder, After updating from the Maniaplanet Store, I alerted NADEO I'm waiting for clarification
Download link : ... e.Pack.gbx - this file must be located in =>
\Documents\Maniaplanet\Packs\ (by default) ;)
Then, launch ManiaPlanet, log in, and when you are on the Home screen (where there are Game Modes (Channels and titles)), drag down while holding down the left mouse click. Find the title "Stadium F1" and click on it. Click on "Load for Everyone" you can play this title! :)

Enjoy! :thumbsup:
fab38 :thx:

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Re: New Pack F1

Post by emmanuel19 » 15 Jun 2017, 20:17

I know, I did like this but players who want to come do not know how to do.Many have difficulties with a computer and in addition do not pass on our forum or all explanations have been given ....

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Re: New Pack F1

Post by TheBigMiike » 15 Jun 2017, 22:10

xbx wrote:
15 Jun 2017, 16:45
2017-06-15: New update.

Note: This version has an incompatible protocol change. Both the client and the server need to be up to date to be able to connect.

It contains:
- TM: some blocks fixes in all enviros
- SM: improved the aiming behaviour when on magnetic platforms. and new teleporters-on-wall blocks added.
- TM: fixes for crowed servers, and for server replay recording and validation
- fixes in the map editor and the replay editor
- The updater should now work for the >2Go packs.
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Re: New Pack F1

Post by mcrobert » 23 Jun 2017, 17:33

Hi all, new update of the title Pack Stadium F1 in date 23/06/2017.
In this update:
Redesigned the LIGHTMAP for maps of: Monza, Abudhabi, Austria, Bahrain, Baku, Canada, China, Japan, England, Lagunaseca, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Monaco, Spain, Hungary and the United States.
Completely recreated maps of:
Baku and Singapore.
Removed for reasons of space the map of Hockenheim.
Fixed some bugs in some textures.
Compiled with stadium maker to have the new user interface.
What is very important now the update and installation takes place automatically from the store of maniaplanet, thanks to the programmers of nadeo for listening to my supplications.
Good Game All
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Re: New Pack F1

Post by emmanuel19 » 24 Jun 2017, 10:37

hi !
Thanks, but in the editor the choice of X64 map has disappeared and still no location to enter the URL of a mod ...

Good job ! :thumbsup:

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