Spawn on checkpoint or freeze/unfreeze player

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Spawn on checkpoint or freeze/unfreeze player

Post by Alexey85 » 10 Feb 2020, 17:22

I need a short duration of inactivity before or after a player is respawned at a checkpoint. A normal spawn procedure would be good but is it possible to spawn a player at the checkpoint? If not, is it possible to freeze player after a respawn at a checkpoint, then unfreeze?

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Re: Spawn on checkpoint or freeze/unfreeze player

Post by BigBang1112 » 18 Feb 2020, 16:46

Script-defined spawning outside the Start waypoint isn't currently possible.

There's only one solution to this I can think of.
I haven't tested, but you might be able to disable player movement by applying a UI sequence UIInteraction to the player when Respawn event is detected:

Here is my idea:

Code: Select all

foreach(Event in PendingEvents) {
	switch(Event.Type) {
		case CTmModeEvent::EType::Respawn: { // On event respawn to checkpoint (not to start)
			declare Integer Frozen for Event.Player; // Variable will be held by the player
			Frozen = Now; // Frozen variable is basically timestamp when player froze
			UIManager.GetUI(Event.Player).UISequence = CUIConfig::EUISequence::UIInteraction;

foreach(Player in Players) {
	declare Integer Frozen for Event.Player;
	if(Frozen != 0) { // If the player is actually frozen, 0 means not being frozen
		if(Now - Frozen >= 5000) { // If the player is frozen for 5 seconds
			Frozen = 0; // Set the player to not be frozen
			UIManager.GetUI(Event.Player).UISequence = CUIConfig::EUISequence::Playing; // Unfreezes the player
Hope my a bit late answer helps! :D
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