[Suggestion] Installed packs to not require Maniaplanet restart

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[Suggestion] Installed packs to not require Maniaplanet restart

Post by BigBang1112 » 31 Mar 2018, 16:09

My upcoming title pack downloads packages which are used as campaigns for that title pack.
The problem is not only when I want to install a package that it returns to a Maniaplanet menu (please could there be an option so that you dont need to leave title pack in order to install Pack.Gbx? like CDataFileMgr.Pack_DownloadOrUpdate(Text DisplayName, Text Url, Boolean leaveTitle)), but after installing it, it doesnt even show up anywhere - you need to restart the game.

Because of this, installment of campaigns into my title pack results into a weird user experience. You will be able to see soon in my title pack, it's centimeters away.

Thanks for reading.
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