[BUG] file:// does not work after loading any title pack

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[BUG] file:// does not work after loading any title pack

Post by BigBang1112 » 30 Mar 2018, 00:12

I just wanted to read xml manialink data that are within my title pack (like in Documents/Maniaplanet/Media), and I think I came across a bug.

The file:// does work when you just launch Maniaplanet, but it will stop working after loading any title pack. And when exiting the title pack (which means going into Maniaplanet title selection menu), the problem is still there. It keeps saying that the URL address is invalid.

This is a major issue that may lead to Reunited end. I just want to communicate with other files in Documents/Maniaplanet and not only with the files that are in the title pack. Yet you can read files like Maps and Replay even though they aren't in the title pack, why file:// does not work that way as well?
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