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Signs error

Posted: 10 Nov 2019, 23:52
by Martelprod
I noticed some jpegs in Any/Advertisement are sometimes modified by the game and became unreadable by players and me.
=> Maniaplanet logo on signs
Locators are working fine (links work in browsers). Jpegs hosted aren't affected by this modification.

Why this happens?
How do I can avoid this ?
Any way to prevent changes of skins folder ?

Re: Signs error

Posted: 18 Nov 2019, 10:40
by Alinoa
Hi Martel,

Could you please provide us with a sign which doesn't work well?

Re: Signs error

Posted: 07 Jan 2020, 19:28
by Martelprod
Hi Alinoa,

I sent you 2 files with locs.