Trackmania Steering bad RED ALERT!!!!!!!!

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Re: Trackmania Steering bad RED ALERT!!!!!!!!

Post by Alter-Fox » 08 Dec 2011, 17:52

Stadium steering pisses me off more than canyon, really (and yeah, I have said this before).
Canyon, it's a learning curve. Once you learn how it's easy, so long as you have the patience to maybe restart a few times -- because there's more than one racing line.

Stadium, the steering isn't sensitive enough to make most of the curves without having the perfect racing line (which is hard for me -- maybe not for other people so much). I restart a lot more on stadium tracks trying to get the gold medal than I do on canyon.
I admit, it may be my coordination disability that makes Canyon easier for me. But that's not my point ;) .

My point is that your position (that the steering is bad) is not what everyone thinks.

I know another game that you should try if you think the steering here is bad :P .
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Re: Trackmania Steering bad RED ALERT!!!!!!!!

Post by firstdriver » 12 Dec 2011, 13:57

I prefer the Stadium steering ... but everyone to their own :)
A majority of the tracks themselves are not suitable for the cars performance but this isn't always the track makers fault as they have a very limited selection of blocks to work with. I do think however, that this car's steering comes into its own on 'roadless' tracks (meaning only corners, CPs, ramps and turbos are used). Unfortunately there isn't a server on TM2 which caters mainly for that style of driving ... it's abit like TM1's 'Dirt' but with greater drifting and higher speeds that make you twitch as you go through the 'tighter' canyons :)



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Re: Trackmania Steering bad RED ALERT!!!!!!!!

Post by rudiporto » 13 Dec 2011, 03:58

going back to the stadium until the Nadeo do something...!!!

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Re: Trackmania Steering bad RED ALERT!!!!!!!!

Post by ionian » 13 Dec 2011, 15:12

I've been away from this forum for a few months, and it's quite disappointing to see some of these comments. I am not Canyon's greatest fan, and I don't play regularly - in fact I much prefer to play TMF because i like the variety of environments, and I think it is a more challenging game.

"The steering is bad" is such a subjective phrase - it's not bad, it's just different to what you are used to. The twitch as you finish a slide is one of the best things about the handling model in my opinion - compared to TMF, the game is much easier to get good at, and so things like this that require some skill to control are welcome.

I'd say that Nadeo have done a great job at making the game play well on keyboards, as well as pads - which must cover the vast majority of players. I agree that it doesn't work on wheels, but this is nothing to do with the force feedback settings (which are admittedly terrible) - it's just that the handling style does not suit a wheel. Stadium was similar - it's very hard to drift well on a wheel.

Perhaps we should all look at what we've got, and stop complaining because it doesn't match exactly what we think we want. There is a lot of sense in making this game accessible to the majority of PC users, and all previous TM's have had a learning curve (and most have been harder than Canyon). Get over it, and enjoy the game for what it is - you might find you like it when you leave your expectations at the door.
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Re: Trackmania Steering bad RED ALERT!!!!!!!!

Post by Alter-Fox » 14 Dec 2011, 01:04

That's what I try to say, but no-one listens.

But what if they play as soon as they get up in the morning, and have a computer in their room so there's no door for them to leave their expectations at? Maybe THAT is the problem we're having here! :shock: :lol: It's not that they aren't listening -- they don't understand what we could possibly mean!

Uh oh... now I'm reminding myself of the crazy guy on that other board... :P

Micro Rant #1: And of course, trying to restart the thread as soon as someone disagrees with you is extremely rude and dishonest not to mention pure cowardice. Good thing you won't see this message, or you'd loathe yourself for the rest of your life -- I don't want anyone to loathe themselves. I'd say "you know who you are", but from what you did, I don't think you have the self-knowledge. :roflol:

Micro Rant #2: Why is it that the blame, on the internet, falls on the person who points out the rude behaviour, and not the person who was actually being rude? Can people not man up and admit that they were being rude -- which doesn't even equate to being wrong (which I can actually understand even if I still think it shouldn't happen)? The internet would be a much more civilized place if people actually let themselves lose face.
Also, if this was a perfect world do you think chemists would have an easier time understanding gases?
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Re: Trackmania Steering bad RED ALERT!!!!!!!!

Post by voltor » 16 Dec 2011, 05:39

Eh? the steering is fine if anything the loops handling and twitchyness on dirt annoy me -_-

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Re: Trackmania Steering bad RED ALERT!!!!!!!!

Post by tcq » 17 Dec 2011, 00:13

Don't get the sentence with the "not suited for wheels", because i knew some players with wheel, which are able to drive top times, even on hard tech maps.
And they where able to do this on stadium too. So it's just a matter of training, nothing else.

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Re: Trackmania Steering bad RED ALERT!!!!!!!!

Post by windows3.1 » 20 Dec 2011, 02:07

I read on a few other threads that the steering in Canyon is more realistic. However, I have to say that if it was, the cars would have a smaller turning radius and would start to drift at high speeds without the use of brakes.

I race several different classes of RC cars including a 1/5th scale 2wd desert truck, and if I try to turn at high speed the truck has a tendency to oversteer (not understeer, oversteer), even on tarmac. Keep in mind that although they aren't full size, a lot of handling characteristics still apply to RC cars, especially the heavier, bigger ones.

Do I think the handling in canyon is bad? Depends on what you mean by bad. If you mean unplayable or poorly designed than I have to disagree. I've played several games that were worse *coughF-ZeroGXcough* and still found them to be playable (and in some cases enjoyable - Mario Kart Double Dash!!'s twitchier-than-Rally handling not only added a fun challenge but also helped me with hand-eye coordination). If you mean unrealistic then I agree, and the same goes for unresponsive.

I guess it depends on what you're used to. Back in TMUF, my best environment was Coast, followed by Snow/Alpine and Rally. Desert/Speed was my worst due to how the cars tipped over so much (I've changed my mind about the desert car - it's a Morris Marina). I prefer more responsive cars. Some people like how the Canyon car understeers, others don't.

Ultimately, it's not our place to tell Nadeo to change an intended feature just because some people don't like it (majority rule), nor is it our place to say that people who don't like it need to shut up (right to free speech).

As for "it's hard to drift with a wheel", during my short stint with a Logitec G-38 on TMUF, I actually found it harder to not drift. Then again I had both analog and digital brakes enabled (brake pedal and a button on the gear-shifter module) so that I could have instant full brake if I needed to break the tires loose. (tip for wheel users who are having trouble keeping up with other drivers - set up your wheel with a button for a digital e-brake).

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Re: Trackmania Steering bad RED ALERT!!!!!!!!

Post by wiidesire-2 » 22 Dec 2011, 14:18

sanjozko wrote:i will add one more suggestion here, one thing that is driving me crazy is when drifting and before drift end i want to center my car by pressing opposite direction key, but when i press it little longer (miliseconds) the car rapidly turn to that direction. This thing is most annoying for me, i f*cked up a lot of times especially on harder tracks.

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Re: Trackmania Steering bad RED ALERT!!!!!!!!

Post by alan_ch » 27 Dec 2011, 16:08

I'm not too happy with the Canyon steering either. My suggestions:

1) Car suspension is too soft, which makes the car too shaky at high speeds on narrow roads. Need to make the suspension stiffer.
2) Car slides too much, especially on the dirt. Narrow road looping is almost impossible. Need to increase the tyre grip.
3) Turning radius is too long. When you got stuck somewhere on the road, it's too hard to turn around.
4) When you crash into a wall frontal, the car stalls for about 2 seconds, before you can reverse. Is annoying. Should be able to reverse immediately.
5) Personally I would prefer NO acceleration or brakes in the air, but...most people probably disagree with me...
6) I found that sometimes you can drive a HIGH SPEED TURN on a NARROW road FASTER if you hit the wall, instead of breaking in time and drifting the turn perfectly. That should be changed too. The perfect drift without touching the walls should always be rewarded with the fastest time. They could fix this by slowing the car down more when hitting the wall.

It would also be nice if the platform blocks had stripes on the edges left and right. That way you can see the edge and make the turn before falling over the cliff...

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