Maniaplanet update #2 - changelog

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Maniaplanet update #2 - changelog

Post by Hylis » 17 Jun 2013, 14:51


Here is the changelog for the last six weeks:

  • Valley (release on 4th of July)
  • Car lights in very fast & fast configuration
  • Mediatracker: Car lights on/off in mediatracker + keys
  • IsMasterJump working (will look additions later)
  • Camera numbers on actions (1,2,3 key in addition to numpad)
  • Improved wheel support like dead zone configuration & separated axis for accel/brake.
  • New blocks:
    • Powerpath with Nucleus bunker structures
    • Rooftops wooden & sliding structures
    • Technical structures include new blocs and a power grapling hook
    • Cloister road without roof
    • Red platform with curved borders
    • Corresponding curved fences of red plateform shapes
  • Progressive micro boost for jump from static position
  • Force color improved (ping, switchs,spectator etc.)
  • Pings & nametags in replays
  • Mediatracker: Shield keys
  • Reload of stamina & weapon 30% faster on red plateforms, like the blue ones (powerpath)
  • When player is blocked in 'holes', he will be capable to jump quickly after
  • Eliminations made and taken are displayed in Elite scoreboard
  • Elite matchmaking: attacking order is based on LP (will soon include a way for allied to define their order)
  • Echelon system (0 to 9, nothing, bronze I,II,III, silver I,II,III, gold I,II,III) [first tests on Elite]
  • Improved lobby design [first tests on Elite]
  • Mediatracker undo/redo (ctrl+z / ctrl+y)
  • Custom settings in launcher (save as & quick menu)
  • Callvote commands (enable to callvote operations, like set score)
  • Hyperlink working on multiple lines
  • Chat hides itself after some seconds
  • Mediatracker: triangles2D fix
  • Chat typing sending keys to script fix
  • Can add lights to export of objetcs
  • Screenshot now JPG by default (F10 key)
  • Connected terraforming not taken instantly in map editor
  • Better auto-terraforming from blocks
  • Autosave of replay fixed
  • Option to concatenates replays
  • Freemouse in maniascript to enable user to use mouse
  • Manialink UI track possible in Mediatracker
  • Playsound in script (only for the included sound, it will arrive later for customs)
  • HttpRequests works in CMlScript
  • Xmlrpc for openlink
  • Manialink call to open quit server dialog
  • Graph UI item for Manialink
  • Batch video shooting
  • Lightmap computation working again from replay
  • Envmix header
  • Manialink resizes (it was possible to move the elements, not to change their size)
  • Improved texture memory management to improve 32b OS stability
Thank you a lot for your posts in the wishlist. Most of them are into our database of things to do, but I will open a new topic, to know what are your top wishlist, now that the update is done.

For example, I know some will look for things like laps & rounds modes cp infos, improved system to place items without bloc constraint (and look at pivots & materials), stylesheets issues for custom titles etc. Do not hesitate to post them again in your wishlist, so we can know better your priorities each time.

A 2.1 update is already scheduled to eventually quick fix this one and finalize some additionnal upcoming stuff for next week.

See you soon in Maniaplanet

PS: Don't hesitate to leave your feedback in this thread.

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Re: Maniaplanet update #2 - changelog

Post by xbx » 02 Jul 2013, 21:31

We've just released a hotfix to address trackmania gameplay issues, and a couple of crashers.

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Re: Maniaplanet update #2 - changelog

Post by Hylis » 03 Jul 2013, 19:48

quick upadte/fix
- There is now an option to autosave & concatenate rounds directly (profile, settings, advanced)
- Title editor working again
- Wheel sensitivity available with ingame input settings (to increase sensitivity)
- Semi rollback on chat hidding. Put 1 minute per default instead of 15 seconds. Will be a configurable option in the future or else.
- Fix for Xbox-Controller Acc/Brake Issue Z-Axis

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Re: Maniaplanet update #2 - changelog

Post by Hylis » 11 Jul 2013, 15:41

Update #2.1

We are working for the upcoming demo of Elite. The wishlist for update 3 is still the logical topic to post your wishes since this is only a quick update added to the #2.

Elite: station quick launch interface
Elite: Practice mode 1vs1vs1vs1 ranked by (attack count, hit ratio)
Elite: Allied nametags always visible
Elite: LP in matchmaking goes to 80K now
Echelons in nametags
Player shadow is visible
Minimum jump height (micros still possible in b2 gameplay)
Double grapple hook (use left mouse button after right mouse button)
Some blocks (half castle full arch, tech tower's pillars on hills and cliffs)

Autosave with good header

Action keys are sent like normal keys
various crashfixes

sharing a file with the same name will update the existing workshop object, instead of creating a new one.
the default icon size for the skins / painter have been increased. (So you can open your skin in the painter, save it, and share it -> should update the thumbnail)

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Re: Maniaplanet update #2 - changelog

Post by Hylis » 12 Jul 2013, 20:31

Title pack test button
trouble with intros
double grapple hook that should go on all
Elite: Team of same colors with some difference
Elite: smaller nametags for allies
Elite: practice improvements
Elite: king of lobby smoother experience
Elite: some text help for new players
Combo & others: item troubles
Crash fixes (ex: unplug of paddle case)

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Re: Maniaplanet update #2 - changelog

Post by Hylis » 26 Jul 2013, 09:05

Update #2.2

Ghost layer for very fast/fast configuration
The 'O' key knows have a new modes: ghost layer (all the cars are ghosted, not one by one)
Rollback: Skip intros like before
Rollback: Click on players to spectate directly in scoreboard
data fix: Lood end blocks
data fix: uv arena screen
Better pick in fields of Valley for items placement
Valley car is visually a little lower on wheels
Save last replay fixed
Car reflect fixed in very fast/fast

Half reload of laser on nucleus deny
Smaller jumps possible (from 500ms to 350ms time to landing, microjump was 200ms)
Elite: matchmaking improvements
Jammed in some blocks configuration much reduced
Web picture format (other than dds) for emblems in clublinks
Old Storm skins fixed
Default emblems and shields
comment: grapple difference in map editor was link to non updated servers

Smaller trigger size in Mediatracker
Window shows more info about replay before loading
Manialink: quad parameteres (autoscale="false") enables to draw constant ratios quad (or circles of course)
Replay delete from ingame
Horn issues fixed
Music slider in Mediatracker fixed
Custom Solo campaigns scroll with more than 15 maps fixed
New script UI sequence: RollingBackgroundIntro (with chats and Manialink overlay possible)
New geometry details configuration possible, increased for Stadium
Better management of buddies (less delay in adding buddies)
Windowed fullscreen keep sound when out of the window (good for streamers, like Zerator ^_^)

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Re: Maniaplanet update #2 - changelog

Post by Hylis » 30 Jul 2013, 19:08

Update #2.3

Laser pass through (if you have two opponents, it eliminates both of them) - not in b2
Invitation system (under beta tests)
Players air collision hang fixed

Items edition free from blocks (new importer for it)

updated 2013-08-01: minor hotfix.


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