Xbox-Controller Acc/Brake Issue Z-Axis since Update

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Re: Xbox-Controller Acc/Brake Issue Z-Axis since Update

Post by SmokeScreenUK » 21 Jul 2013, 13:00

I've been having problems with this issue recently while trying to play Split-Screen mode in both Valley and Canyon, using a guest account as the second player. Both pads are XBox 360 Wireless controllers.

Both pads are set up correctly with the Z Axis for each pad set to Accelerate/Brake, yet there is no response from the triggers when the race loads. The car will still respond to digital accelerate and brake assigned buttons

I haven't noticed any problems in single player mode or in the track editor.

This has seriously broken the game in my opinion, as half of the fun is having friends around to play head to head on the same screen.

Please can someone else verify what I'm experiencing so I know if it's a bug in the game or an isolated issue I'm having?


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Re: Xbox-Controller Acc/Brake Issue Z-Axis since Update

Post by TMarc » 25 Jul 2013, 21:04

I can confirm. :oops:

Today I tried split-screen in Canyon with 2 other people, using a Logitech Rumble for my friend's 7 year old kid, and the keyboard with two zones for my friend and me.

I first setup the controller, using analog accelerate & brake on the left analog trigger, and steering on the right trigger. This was working fine for solo play and map validation, the kid was doing well then.

But it did not work in split-screen. The kid's car did not move at all, even if I tried to configure the same triggers as above which were working jsut a moment ago. I had to configure digital buttons for accelerate and brake, and the kid was confused and could not really handle acceleration on the button and steering on the analog at the same side.

Moved to reports.
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Re: Xbox-Controller Acc/Brake Issue Z-Axis since Update

Post by 1awesomeguy » 22 Nov 2013, 07:20

I tried just now for about an hour to get this to work and created a forum account just to post this message. This is a very frustrating issue.

When doing split-screen, Acc/Brake assigned to the Z-axis will not work. I am using four Xbox 360 controllers (it does not work on any of them). I was unable to assign the right trigger to Acc (analog) and the left trigger to Brake (analog). Using A and B for digital acc and brake works but it is still annoying to play that way.

Hot seat (using same exact profiles) as well as all other single and multiplayer modes work just fine using the same exact key bindings. Something is still wrong with the split-screen setting.

Anyone been able to get it to work with the latest version of the game? Any chance this will be fixed soon?

EDIT: Forgot to mention I tested in TM2: Stadium and TM2: Canyon.


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