Hide&Seek evenings

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Hide&Seek evenings

Post by Marius89 » 26 Sep 2014, 17:45

Hey guys :)

I plan to organise a Hide&Seek evening in TM2 again, this time in the Multienvironment Titlepack!
This means we can play maps of all 3 environments together for the first time.

Date: Wednesday, 1. of October 19:00 CEST ( = 17:00 GMT)
Server: "Hide&Seek" in Multi-Environment Titlepack
Password: hs
Teamspeak: (Mania-Actu)

On most other days there is always a competition, so I hope that Wednesday works for you. Start is set to 19:00 as some players might leave early within the week, but you can ofcourse join later to the party as well. Server will be renamed and maps added around 1 hour before, so no need to search for it now. For more fun, let's meet in Teamspeak, we'll find a channel there.

If you would like to build maps for the fun event, I'd appreciate this a lot and would make sure those new maps definitely get played! Just pm me to send me your creations!

At the moment the maps we use will be a mix of:
- the newest league maps
- some pure Hide&Seek maps (big areas with many hiding spots)
- Seek maps (those multilaps where you are only allowed to drive in one direction and can't escape the track)

If it's new for you, please take a look at the RULES:

This is a fun event. You don't need to train sth for it. Just join at this evening. If you can't join in time, you can also join later. We play that so long until all players left.

Here is how Hide&Seek works
Begin of a map:
There is red team and blue team. One player is in one of the teams, all other players are in the other team. This one guy has to catch the other players. When a map begins, this player has to wait 30 seconds at the start to give the other players some distance before he starts catching.

During the map:
If the one guy catches a player of the other team (when his car touches the car of the other player), he writes the name into the chat and the other guy has to change the team. After that both players continue catching. Every player they catch has to change the team and catch with them, until all players got caught. A few things are not allowed:
- It is not allowed to leave the map editor area. That means you are not allowed to drive outside the area, where it is possible to build blocks. If a catcher sees you outside the map, he can write your name into the chat and you have to change the team.
- It is not allowed to be in the water. If a catcher sees you in the water, you will have to change the team as well.
- If you land in the water you can only hope that noone did see this and respawn. Respawns are allowed, but when a catcher sees you respawning and writes your name into the chat you will have to change the team. And he doesn't have to see your respawn in every case: If you are somewhere where you can't escape or when you are lying on the car's roof and you can't move; and then you are suddenly away, it is logical that you respawned, so you will have to change the team as well.

End of the map:
It will be played until all players got caught. The last player who survived will be the catcher for the next map.

Please be fair. Change the team if someone really caught you. This event is for fun! :)
NEVER finish a map! Don't take all Checkpoints and drive into the finish!

For more fun it's cool, if many guys meet together in Teamspeak or Skype while playing.
Share this to your teammates and friends to get more players. Thank You! :)

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Re: Hide&Seek evenings

Post by Florenzius » 26 Sep 2014, 18:13


i know Hide&Seek from old TMUF times! Good idea! :thumbsup:
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Re: Hide&Seek evenings

Post by Demented » 27 Sep 2014, 16:13

Does a track like THIS work for hide and seek?
There are a lot of places to hide here.
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Re: Hide&Seek evenings

Post by Marius89 » 28 Sep 2014, 00:36

hi, yeah that map could work ;)
but we'll have to play it when many people are on the server, cause it's really big.

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Re: Hide&Seek evenings

Post by Alinoa » 29 Sep 2014, 08:58

GL and HF :)
Your news has been posted in the thread gathering events linked to TM² title:
http://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewtopic. ... 67#p229967

I invite you to write an ingame news thanks to the maniaflash system:
Alinoa wrote:How to?
1. type "maniaflash" in your maniahome browser
2. create your channel of communication (it's "maniachannel")
3. then you can write ingame news.
Be sure to write a short text (not more 12 lines, I think so. It depends if you attached an image or not)
For adding website links, please use the followings symbols:
-$lyour website link$z
-$l[your website link]$09Fthe name that you want to be displayed$z

Then invite everybody to bookmark your maniachannel.
From our end, we share maniaflashs on the official maniachannels so that all players can read them.
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Re: Hide&Seek evenings

Post by Marius89 » 01 Oct 2014, 15:58

ty Alinoa, also for the news on facebook :)

2 hours left..
See you on the Hide&Seek server starting at 19:00 CEST. ;)

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