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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC6

Post by ChillyBilli » 28 Aug 2014, 19:15

Second time i eperenced that bug:
If a new player installs shootmania he need to restart the game to let the button for the buddylist show up.
I nearly lost my nerves explaining a noob where to find the buddylist till he sent me a screenshot where this button in the bar on the top was simply missing.

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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC6

Post by mees » 24 Sep 2014, 18:56

webm works well after the last update! Thx for that. Unfortunately, the download function is still not working on manialinks. Similarly, the animated signs with url in maps integrate. This is still a great throwback for all Mapper and Manialinkauthors. how to give good resonance if we can not test all functions. I beg to bring to work quickly to the new format to the test more accurate. should not be a problem-when I see what everything is made ​​new in shotmania. one should not forget the trackmania the father / mother of shotmania is and has for most maniaplanetgamer priority.

pls pls pls with sugar on top ^^ :yes: :teub:

greeting meescalin

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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC6

Post by kadaz » 01 Oct 2014, 18:27

an import bik to webm??
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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC6

Post by Dagohbert » 18 Oct 2014, 17:33

Make a shadow calculation, no matter what mood, and then have a look at the shadows in the editor. The contrast in TM² has always been way too hard, but before the MP3 update yesterday it was still wonderful to recognize structures where now only a black hole exists, which is illuminated by the light blocks barely, only the headlights of the car illuminate it a bit. At first I was shocked because I thought it had something to do with my modified pack, but it does not matter, built with Canyon-standard it looks the same. And it's not just me, some others have also tested it, same result, otherwise I would have believed my graphiccard or whatever spins at once. Even with day mood almost no structures can be seen in the shadows. I have not found anything on the subject, so I post it here. For me it is already more than a bug, that's utter nonsense.

2 days before:


same screenshot, made today after the MP3-update:


I have taken so much trouble to solve the lighting problems in my pack, then comes something like this very frustrating stuff.

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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC6

Post by novationx » 18 Oct 2014, 19:02

+1! I have this too on my EPM maps!
Please fix this :(
The neverending waiting game has to stop.

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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC6

Post by Dagohbert » 20 Oct 2014, 18:34

Shadows are fixed now and look as before, fast job by Nadeo. ^^ ... 9&start=50

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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC6

Post by Ozon » 19 Nov 2014, 13:38

Update changelog for today's update?
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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC6

Post by Patriot1 » 19 Nov 2014, 14:09

After the today update don't work own engine sound and horn.
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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1.7

Post by xbx » 19 Nov 2014, 16:19

New update today!

Main Changes:
  • Improvements in Battle & Combo game modes (see Eole changelog below)
  • New Items supports for combo (can be reused for other titles,
  • Matchmaking improvements (ladder point functions + see Eole changelog below)
  • Store changes
  • Embedded items size limit doubled to 300Kb.
  • TM: fixed animated arrows on some blocks in stadium
  • manialinks: fix clip rect relative positionning
  • script api additions for custom game modes. (see 1 2)
  • some blocks fixes (cliff turboss in canyon, ....)
  • lowered a bit the memory pressure
  • fixed "you were kicked" bug in lobby modes
  • HMD: improvement for the hud (labels in 3d, some 2d frames removed...).
  • HMD: show the car hood when in internal cam in trackmania.
  • translations updates
  • crash fixes
  • ....
enjoy & have fun! :pil :pop:

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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1.7

Post by Eole » 19 Nov 2014, 16:31

Changelog for the scripts (also available on GitHub):


  • Warm up system :
    - `S_WarmUpDuration` and `S_NbPlayersPerTeamMax` are superior to 0 : classic warm up mode, with clan and slot selection.
    - `S_WarmUpDuration` is superior to 0 : wait for `S_WarmUpDuration` seconds at the beginning of the map.
    - `S_NbPlayersPerTeamMin` is superior to 0 : wait until there's `S_NbPlayersPerTeamMin` players in each team.
  • Display the name of the player that has captured the engagement point.
  • Display the name of the player that has captured the last pole.
  • Rework of the overtime system. You can read how this new system works in the [url]documentation[/url].
  • Disable player collisions during 6 seconds at the beginning of the round.
  • Display different tops 5 of players at the end of the round and the map.
  • These tops 5 can be disabled with the settings `S_DisplayTopsRound` and `S_DisplayTopsMap`. It's also possible to display only the shooter top with the setting `S_DisplayTopsOnlyShooter`.
  • Display the best running time to each pole of the map.
  • It can be disabled with the setting `S_DisplayPoleRecords`.
  • Fix : display correctly up to 9 poles in the top screen UI.
  • Matchmaking fix : Don't allow a player to join a match until the matchmaking api sent the players list to the server. ( ... 11#p232611)
  • Send the scores of the map to the matchmaking api.
  • `S_SpawnProtectionTime` now sets the native `SpawnInvulnerabilityDuration` variable to change the spawn invulnerability duration.
  • New setting `S_RespawnAmmo` : set the amount of ammo reloaded when respawning.
  • Matchmaking fix : Don't allow a player to join a match until the matchmaking api sent the players list to the server. ( ... 11#p232611)
  • Send the scores of the map to the matchmaking api.
  • New api version : v8
  • Improvements on the progressive matchmaking. It will activate only if there's not a lot of players on the matchmaking infrastructure or if the players are waiting in the lobby for more than 90 seconds without enough players.
  • When a player leaves a match, wait 90 seconds before marking him as missing and searching a substitute.
  • Wait for the API response at the end of the match before sending player back to the lobby. This will help to fix the bug where players were sent back to the lobby at the end of the match but forced to join the match server again.
  • Display the score of the match when a player is selected to be a substitute. ( ... 33#p230921)
  • Don't use the spectator status to decide if the player is ready or not in the lobby. This fix the autoready bug that occurred when there weren't any spectator slots left on the lobby. ( ... 33#p230921)
  • New callbacks and methods : `Matchmaking_GetReadyState`, `Matchmaking_SetReadyState` and `Matchmaking_ReadyState` allow to manage the ready state of the players.
  • Display the names of the players voting for a rematch.
  • New setting `S_LobbyDisableUI` allows to hide the lobby UI.
  • Global variables now use a better prefix to avoid name collision.
  • Fix : players canceling a substitute won't received a penalty anymore.
  • No rematch vote if one of the team doesn't have any players left.
  • Cancel LP attribution if a match was won by forfeit after only a few rounds. ( ... 6b#p233551)
  • Wait for players connection/loading during 15 seconds at the beginning of each new map.
  • More debug information.
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