Help request : scrolling menu

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Re: Help request : scrolling menu

Post by oliverde8 » 10 Apr 2015, 22:33

I don't know if it is of any help but there is a scroller in eXpansion you can check out the code,

So declaration : ... cript.txtm
And inside the while loop : ... cript.txtm

hope it helps, hope I understood what you try to do.
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Re: Help request : scrolling menu

Post by Trylk255 » 27 Jun 2015, 01:37

Thanks bro. And for now, How do I change the Map Editor (TrackMania) UI ? For instance (that's what I would do) I'd like to change this actual UIto this new UI. And also, how do I add fonction to the map editors, for example, I would like to be able to give the player a new option to have a Real-Time ManiaPark notification. Example : When a new object arrives "ManiaPark (!)"

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