How do you re-assign Pad buttons!?

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Re: How do you re-assign Pad buttons!?

Post by The_Big_Boo » 24 Mar 2016, 18:15

Hylis wrote:We will fix this during next week the latest. We will probably try to include XInput as well to prevent issue specific to accelerate/brake on Windows 10
Could be a good idea to make a sticky post about this in all main forums (here, Ubi, Steam) instead of just saying it here ;)
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Re: How do you re-assign Pad buttons!?

Post by Hylis » 24 Mar 2016, 18:19

good advice, thanks :thumbsup:

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Re: How do you re-assign Pad buttons!?

Post by DelNuelo » 24 Mar 2016, 18:25

Hylis wrote:I am not ashamed of all the work we have done, including to add the PC version to the list so players that has a PC to play can play it.
I'm sorry but you should be ashamed

Wake up, this is not a little bug, this is a major problem for a lot of PC player.
This problem is only acceptable on an alpha version or even on a first beta version.
glodesh wrote:All these stupid mistake cost u bad reviews on steam and it's perfectly deserved.
I totaly agree

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Re: How do you re-assign Pad buttons!?

Post by SixelAlexiS » 24 Mar 2016, 18:33

Hey guys, fix the Dualshock 4 support too, please!!!

Dualshock 4 on PC don't have rumble, and the game have native support in theory, it shows even the PlayStation buttons, so...
Another thing: L2-R2 triggers DON'T work at all, they are like on-off button, no transition in acceleration and brake...

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Re: How do you re-assign Pad buttons!?

Post by rat_in_car » 24 Mar 2016, 19:16

On Logitech on PC there is a program that you can download from Logitech website. It's called "Logitech Profiler". You can change analogs (left works like right, right works like left - if someone, like me, prefer to steering with right analog). You can also assign keys for buttons (holding shift for accelerate, holding ctrl for brake and pressing other keys to respawn, restart, change view etc). Works for me and works very good. Unfortunatelly - program detects only Logitech devices.

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Re: How do you re-assign Pad buttons!?

Post by Barbos » 24 Mar 2016, 23:27

I am not ashamed of all the work we have done, including to add the PC version to the list so players that has a PC to play can play it. I have seen how hard the people worked here. Of course, we could have postponed, again, but there are limits somehow, and that releasing a week later would be the same, nearly, as releasing it now and adding the inputs bindings later. Of course, people have to wait while other play, and we will done as fast as we can, but I can repeat: we have worked hard to make this version real for PC players (and it is not Maniaplanet)
I can imagine that it was a tone of work to create this game as good as possible. But the version in which you released the game is not acceptable. There are so many bugs and problems, as others said you will get many many bad reviews for that.
Every racing game should have the possibility to play with any controller and change the controller settings. This is a MUST HAVE, no matter if it is a PC or Playstation game.
Also I don´t understand why you deleted Camera 1, the camera most players of the previous Trackmania titles uses (me included). For me as a Trackmania competitive player for many years it is so confusing to play on camera 2.
A dedimania ranking would have been great too, this was what Trackmania made a so successfull game in the past. A challenge to drive against the whole world for the best time.
All these features are missing in Trackmania Turbo and I really hope you will fix all this, otherwise it is unplayable for me and I have to refund it.
But for now I wait untill the first patches are comming out, you still have the chance to make amends ;).

LG Barbos

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Re: How do you re-assign Pad buttons!?

Post by paulissimo » 25 Mar 2016, 00:13

I play trackmania since nations got out and I got used to some custom setting, which are not available at the moment :cry:
Cam1, opponents off (environment off would be nice too ) and controller settings (remap keys), and this game would be played for me.

I still use the same pad (logitech) since nations and I got confused with A,B,X and Y buttons on menus. Wouldn't be better to have something like Ok,Back,Esc,Cancel, etc for Pc users?

I'll wait for the fix, for now.

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Re: How do you re-assign Pad buttons!?

Post by TMarc » 25 Mar 2016, 00:16

Guys, please stop writing about the camera and other issues in this thread. There already other threads for that.
It is only about the controller assignment, please stick to this topic.
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Re: How do you re-assign Pad buttons!?

Post by Zooz » 25 Mar 2016, 01:16

I also cannot drive, my joystick auto-accelerates no matter what I do... Even if I push the stick backwards or anything else, there is nothing that stops it. Only disabling the joystick, but that's not acceptable for me. I knew TM was moving more and more into the PF fullspeed direction but I didn't know it was this bad.
At least I could still get top times on the first few Canyon maps, don't need gas button in this noob environment :roflol:
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Re: How do you re-assign Pad buttons!?

Post by myo » 25 Mar 2016, 01:17

I just registered to write this

I've been playing Trackmania since United came out which I still consider to be one of the best games ever made. God knows how many hundreds or thousands of hours I invested there to get all the author medals. Now I have over 500 hours in TM2 Stadium.

I preordered TM Turbo because after all these previous TM games I started to trust Nadeo that they will make a great game. It was a bit weird when I realized that my nick cannot be changed, but I was ok with "u_playismoronic". Others might not like that the name has been taken away from them, especially those who like to colour it. Then, I started playing and realized that I cannot reassign my gamepad buttons. Simply speaking the game is unplayable. This was my first preorder ever based on how great the previous games were. I refunded it, I don't want this game. Sad, but I guess I'll go back to my old ways - never preorder anything.

I hope you guys will make a better game next time, until then I'm sticking with the previous trackmania versions. Oh, and please test it better next time, I don't think that lack of customizable controls is a bug that is difficult to find.


edit: judging from the reviews in Steam, I'm not the only one who feels bitter about the game.

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