SEE and SIPDE - the two riding method for your safety and remember to wear a helmet

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SEE and SIPDE - the two riding method for your safety and remember to wear a helmet

Post by linedadelas » 14 Feb 2020, 08:56

Do you have a riding strategy to avoid trouble when you hit the road?

Actually, we already have two riding strategies for you to use. You know what, other drivers on the road will not recognize you easily, so if you don’t do anything to protect yourself, you are gonna get hit really. In this article, I will help you to explore the two major riding strategies in the motorcycling world. By the way, if you want to read about helmets and other riding gear, do check out HelmetsZone ( )for more information.

The first active riding strategy is called SEE standing for Search, Evaluate, and Execute.

Search - means to observe your surroundings - observe all directions left, right, behind, and ahead. Zoom your eyes far forward to see obstacles and you will have sufficient time to react. It could be really dangerous if you just focus on the vehicle in front of you. Looking far ahead means you are well preparing, and you even predict what will happen next. If you ride after a car, make use of the vehicle's rear window so you can see things ahead. Be careful when driving into intersections, cross streets, and alley because other vehicles may approach you at all times.

Evaluate - is a series of questions you ask yourself to predict what will happen in the next few seconds. You may hear something like why does that guy is slowing down? Could I stop in time if he stops short? Does that right turner see me?

And so many other questions will pop up in your mind about the next situation. Then you will know if you are in a danger zone, and if so, what you will do to get out of the situation. The whole process takes place in just a few seconds. If you haven't been able to think so quickly, then you need to practice. Danger can also come from behind.


Regularly check the situation behind you through the rearview mirror. If a truck driver is attentive to driving or is busy on the phone or dozing off, will he see you stopping at a red light or not. A quick view will help you avoid all those dangers.

Execute - Now it’s time to answer the questions you made and do it. If you ride a lot, you will have more answered questions, then your reflexion will be much faster.

The other strategy is SIPDE which is Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute. This is pretty similar to SEE but it has two more steps.

Scan - Have a quick scan around to know the surrounding situation.
Identify - Estimating potential hazards
Predict - you put yourself in another driver and think how they will go
Decide - in this stage, you will decide which way you should choose
Execute - Now, let’s use your solution to get out of the dangerous spot.

You can choose either of the two methods above to ride safely. Riding motorcycles requires 100% concentration. Just a little careless, you might have fallen into the danger zone.

There will be times when you cannot avoid emergencies and collisions. This is when you need to protect yourself by wearing protective gear and a helmet. Many people say they don't need to wear a helmet because they drive very carefully, and there will be no accidents. As I mentioned earlier on this problem with a truck example, you don't have to be the one who caused the accident. You were the victim of that accident, and it's out of your control. You can only make the situation less severe by gearing up.

Get to know more about the motorcycle helmet as well as to get one for yourself, check out the Buying guide and reviews category on HelmetsZone. You can reach the website through the link I gave you at the beginning, or by Address: 10236 Zenith Ln, Bloomington, MN 55431; Phone: (1) 610-386-5943 and HelmetsZone on Band
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Re: Recommendation for a mid range graphics card for TM2

Post by » 14 Feb 2020, 10:15

You could expect slightly better performance from a GTX750 or GTX760 comparing to your current GTX570, but not much I would say.

You didn't say how many FPS your GTX570 can create while driving, but I think you are above of 60 FPS with that grapicscard, which is absolute fine.
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