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Re: Nadeo's next project

Post by promarijan » 17 Feb 2020, 11:40

About the graphics part:

All this game needs is better/updated meshes on older outdated blocks/models, improved texture quality, WAY more precise and highres lightmaps (i did a post about this just recently viewtopic.php?f=8&t=46569) (lightmaps are replacing almost the entire necessity of ambient occlusion), improved management of water layers...

The rest about Maniaplanet does not need changes at any point in time, the bloom is photorealistic in a photographic sense, the car reflections are with almost no room for improvement except for resolution and render distance, the water reflections have been perfect since TMS(2005) and could just use some texture and reflection resolution improvements also wave texturing+normalmaps for distortion of reflections, the lighting model they created back in 2008 with the first TM2 teaser etc is photorealistic and was even back then ahead of the film industry even...

I don't see much room for graphical improvement because the engine is pretty damn future proof for yet another 10 years or so given respect due to having existing features easily improved in the near future with just resolution and scale for lightmaps,reflections,textures and meshes.

Nadeo is aiming for photorealism... they succeeded in that very greatly, if we talk about "graphics improvements" and think of crysis 3 or more recent AAA titles... then you think wrong because the current gen games simply are not photorealistic or any more photorealistic than MP, they are impressing with effects that are unrealistic or with simply more physics and world details for higher fidelity.
This was worked on by Nadeo with TMT/MP4 introducing birds and trains for example so there only is something to catch up with other games in terms of variety and fidelity, but definitely not in the pure graphics aspect!

DX11 didn't change anything for the games graphics at all btw... it just improved performance on newer hardware (GTX900 series/R9 200 series and newer) and eliminated older hardware that didn't have that directX support.

That's all from me

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