[bug] Server join - synchronizing? - bug

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[bug] Server join - synchronizing? - bug

Post by quikku » 05 Aug 2013, 01:09


firstly I feel compelled to say that I already posted this problem of mine into a Support topic, which can be found here:
http://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewtopic. ... 25#p183625

I play Shootmania for like a year and with most recent updates, I started getting this bug which disallows me to play and is so annoying.

The problem is pretty similar to the one described by the creator of the topic. I would say, that I get the problem in like 50% of the time I want to play. I am not sure, but the problems started with some patch with which came the Matchmaking servers. Then there was another one that somehow fixed it for me (I assume, as long as I didn't get those problems anymore and the game worked 100% properly), but the most recent one which added Beginner/Silver Matchmaking servers pretty much screwed my game again.

Description of the problem: As I said, I get it randomly. The game starts up well, the menu works as it should, but when I try to join a typical Elite server, I yet get normally in, but then the problem starts - I then can see just the map from above, with no players running around. If there is a timer, it often is set to some time like 40:00 or 59:00 etc. When TAB is pressed, I don't see any names of the players that I am supposed to play the match with. When the match actually starts, messages of "who killed who" or "how many armors are left" pop up, but yet, just on an map overview from above.

Firstly, I thought that it is a Matchmaking problem only (as long as it was probably the only way I was playing) - when I joined the matchmaking server, I was able to F6 and then run randomly on the map in the matchmaking lobby, but after the transfer I could not play and was getting the bug described above. Then I went to some Obstacle server and I got the bug too. When I tried to play Elite on a random server just by connecting to some other people, I was getting the bug too.

I am a fan of pretty agressive solutions, so I formatted my PC (it needed it, too, to be honest) and installed only SM and TS3, and yet I keep getting the bug. I did paste my old Documents/ManiaPlanet folder without copying elsewhere the default one, which I then assumed as stupid, but I got one from a friend whose game is bugless and yet with his Documents file I keep getting stuck with the bug.

Suggested fixes I bumped into randomly that doesn't work: Running the game as administrator from Windows doesn't solve my problem, it only reduces the ratio of successful connections to approx. 75%. I haven't tried playing Storm or any other packs (or did I? Are Obstacle servers Storm features or not?). Nobody plays SM on the same connection I have; I use Comodo Internet Security with it's firewall.

I wonder if anyone of you have an idea what could the source of my problem be and if there is any suggestion what should I do to get my game working properly and without those 3 min. penalties.

If needed, I can take screenshots or even make a video, but I believe I am not the only person that gets this problem (friend of mine actually does have it too), so that the solution might be known without further details needed.

Thank you in advance for your tips.
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Re: [bug] Server join bug

Post by Alinoa » 05 Aug 2013, 09:57

What is your system specs and your internet connection? Did you try to change your game settings and deactivate the P2P in the game launcher? You can also change your internet speed in the launcher.
Please look at the maniaplanet article to have more information about the game settings:
Ubisoft Support
Your Player Page

More information about maniaplanet, support, contents, community activities: useful links

ManiaPlanet technical documentation portal (Dedicated server, Mediatracker, ManiaLink, ManiaScript, Titles...)

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Re: [bug] Server join bug

Post by quikku » 05 Aug 2013, 12:45

System specs:
GIGABYTE GA-P67A-D3-B3 - Intel P67
Intel Core i5 2500k @ 3.30 GHz
MSI NVidia 560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II/OC 1GB
8GB DDR3-1600 Kingston HyperX XMP GreySeries 2x4GB
500 Gb WD HDD
The game runs smoothly and at constant ~100-150 FPS.
Internet connection:
Optical fiber, ~15Mbit, plugged in to computer with wire, no wifi
Game settings:
There is a question if the "Network speed" is set properly.. I haven't touched the advanced option nor have I changed the game anyway, so I also haven't tried to change my game settings and all the tabs that are listed in the article.
The game settings article and your suggested fixes:
I went through it quickly, disabled download/upload in P2P but it didnt work. I have also set the connection to DSL 20 Mbit and no change.

I am making a video which will show the bug properly.

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Re: [bug] Server join bug

Post by quikku » 05 Aug 2013, 13:42

As I spent last hour recording my tryouts to join a game that would work, I found out in an analysis of the recordings that if I don't get the "Synchronizing.." tab at the beginning of the round, the bug arrives. When I get the synchronizing tab, the game works properly. However, I didn't do any changes to my game, so that the fact if the tab shows up or not is RANDOM. How is it so?

I feel like it is like I don't get part of the "online" data like player names, their position on the map etc, but I only see the map (which I have downloaded, so that I can see only it). Weird is that I get the popup messages (who is attacking, who missed who for how much etc.)

I am uploading a video to Youtube to show you this knowledge from my actual point of view. Please read the comments I made in the chat.

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Re: [bug] Server join bug

Post by quikku » 05 Aug 2013, 15:01

The video showing my problem:

Video content description:
There are five different recordings in the following video.
1st - random populated server, not working.
2nd - matchmaking, lobby working, match not working.
3rd - favorited [clan] populated server, noticed the synchronizing tab, working.
Then I tried to connect to two random servers, one non populated server, the synchronizing tab was always there => the game worked. Then I restarted the game with no changes made and it begin to bug again!
4th - random non populated server, not working.
5th - random populated server, no changes were made, just reconnected to a new server, sync tab appeared - working.

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Re: [bug] Server join - synchronizing? - bug

Post by quikku » 06 Aug 2013, 22:43

I reposted this bug to the REPORT BUGS part of a forum - http://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewtopic. ... 45#p184045 as long as there was no attention to it.

I also found some other players that have the same problem:

moode000's topic with same problem, less info:
http://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewtopic. ... 73#p181473

fax160's topic:
http://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewtopic. ... 64#p183625

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Re: [bug] Server join - synchronizing? - bug

Post by Chicony » 07 Aug 2013, 13:33


just want to say i have exactly the same problem, and it's really kinda annoying, especially with elite mode, where you just seem to be AFK as other player can't see you are experiencing this bug. You even have to leave a game and get suspended for 3 mins. :/

Agree it's probably sync problem, because every time i don't get this tab, i know it's not good.


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Re: [bug] Server join - synchronizing? - bug

Post by quikku » 08 Aug 2013, 11:58

The "fix" is that you reconnect to the same server without restarting the game or changing anything - however, this cannot be applied to a Matchmaking obviously, where you're not allowed to rejoin the matchmaking server and are replaced by a substitute.. :(

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Re: [bug] Server join - synchronizing? - bug

Post by enDox » 15 Oct 2013, 23:45

Any solution, or any official statement about this issue?

A friend of mine have the same problem, he just bought the game via Steam and he can't play Elite. This is dissapointing and frustrating.

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Re: [bug] Server join - synchronizing? - bug

Post by domiand » 20 Oct 2013, 01:47

Hm, Nadeo haven't any working solution for this? I have this bug too and I'm really angry for it. Wanna play but I have this stupid bug 9/10 matches. :evil:

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