[ManiaPlanet] crash after login[fixed]

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[ManiaPlanet] crash after login[fixed]

Post by Taronium » 26 Jan 2014, 07:11

After apparently 123 days I finally was in the mood to play some TM2 again, but following an 8mb update, it never reaches the menu again...

Something significant must've changed that really doesn't work with my machine anymore!?

Here's the beginning of the crash log, just in case it seems familiar (Can't find a post that helped me thus far):

[Win32] CmdLine="C:\Program Files (x86)\ManiaPlanet\ManiaPlanet.exe" /config=Default
[Sys] Minimum app. @ = 0x00010000
[Sys] Maximum app. @ = 0xFFFEFFFF
[Sys] "NVIDIA Quadro 5000"(0x10DE,0x06D9) with (nvd3dum.dll)
[Sys] ShaderQuality : Very Fast
[Sys] TexturesQuality : High
[Sys] TextureDecals_3D : 0
[Sys] TextureDecals_2D : 0
[Sys] D3D9Ex : 0
[Sys] D3D9 BC4/5 : 0
[Dx9] NVidia driver version = 332.21 (r331_82)
[Dx9] D3DX SDK 9.2, DirectX SDK 9.0, Runtime 9.0, using HAL device on
[Dx9] "NVIDIA Quadro 5000"(0x10DE,0x06D9) with DDI9 driver.
[Dx9] Gpu Memory MBytes = 2.53e+003
[Dx9] Agp Memory MBytes = 1.59e+003
[Dx9] Device created in Windowed.
Shader compilation error in ":data:\GameData\Effects\Media\Text\VHLSL\Projector1.VHlsl.Txt"
Compilation of EntryPoint "vsMain"(vs_2_0) failed :

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Re: [ManiaPlanet] crash after login

Post by TMarc » 27 Jan 2014, 01:32

It could be many things :?
Try re-installing the game with the most actual setup from the player page.
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Re: [ManiaPlanet] crash after login

Post by Taronium » 28 Jan 2014, 06:37

Thanks, TMarc, that actually did the trick. :thumbsup:
I was worried it could've been futile, but- no- works perfectly now! :yes:

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