The new Turbo-Clan!

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The new Turbo-Clan!

Post by florenzius01 » 17 Jun 2014, 19:24

Hello Guys!

Today, I am sometimes not with the trailer music from a variety of games or the old Valley cars there, but with a interresanten message to all Trackmania - Player! ;)

I have started my own clan days ago exactly four! It is called "Turbo Clan Germany" short "Turbo". In this clan are already three members online.

So I wanted to ask if anyone is interest in my clan and wants to join eventually. The nickname for example looks like this: $ $> $ $ 69F וי fff fff וו 69Fτuявo $ 69 USD

(insert to preview in ManiaPlanet)

It should be included in a confirmation the following things:

Years of experience in Trackmania 2:
Name, first name:
ManiaPlanet Username: bsp:. Florenzius
E-mail address:

Nickname for "τuявo" Example: Nightlymoon
Thank you in advance in advance! : thx:
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