[FIXED] End of integer is on position 0

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[FIXED] End of integer is on position 0

Post by djhubertus » 07 Dec 2014, 17:54

In todays weird maniaplanet magic, I want to show you new definition of 0


How i made it? I had an image on position <1, 19>, then i moved using mouse to position 0 and designer put 2.98e-006 instead of 0
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Re: [BUG?] End of integer is on position 0

Post by noyranea » 08 Dec 2014, 10:32

Hi djhubertus,

the problem has been fixed and was due to the snapping not applying if Position+MouseTranslation were too close to zero (like 2.98e-006).

-- noyranea

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