Suspension parts scaling

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Suspension parts scaling

Post by Shrike » 29 Jan 2015, 15:54

I'm building a Car for TM2 Stadium.
And so far I have all parts working.
However the the dXXArmTop and dXXArmBot do not seem to be scaling like the dXXSusp parts.

In default car position. (sitting idle on road) all parts line up.
But when wheels (ie the whole suspension) is in most down ward stretched position the parts don't line up any more and is showing gaps between dXXArmTop/Bot and the dBody , only the dXXSusp parts line up with with the Hub and Body. (scaling).

This used to work in TrackMania 1 .. TMU.
I read in the "Cars 3d/skins specifications" post that it does "- scalable suspensions (as in tmu)"
I assumed this would be for all the suspension parts and also the dXXCardan and possibly the dXXArmDir
IS this a limitation of TM2 or the Importer. ?

Is there some kind of work around for this behavior ?

Regards Shrike.

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