Idea for Nadeo: what if web tools were supported for developing UI?

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Idea for Nadeo: what if web tools were supported for developing UI?

Post by Alexey85 » 14 Oct 2017, 19:52
I was able to make this just in few hours using html/css/js for the overlay UI which gets updates on ammo and stamina from maniascript using http and websockets with a local server inbetween. It would be nice if web engine was an option for titlepacks UI out of the box just like manialink/maniascript are, so we could create integrated titlepack UIs available to everyone using web tools and without the network overhead unlike in this demo.
The web has gone far ahead in recent years, big companies and individual developers have poured 1000 times more resources into it than you, Nadeo, will ever be able to do on your own for your dev tools and APIs. The web tools have become far superior as a result in terms of capabilities and dev speed. And it's not just for browsers, plenty of widely used desktop applications like slack, discord, vs code, etc. are made using it. The overlay in my demo is a desktop application made with just html/css/js.
Please consider introducing a web engine for UI development for user created content and consider using it yourself for maniaplanet UI in general.

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Re: Idea for Nadeo: what if web tools were supported for developing UI?

Post by Miss » 14 Oct 2017, 20:00

I suggested Angelscript as a Maniascript addition a while ago and was told it would be a reliability on an external dependency which they'd rather not do too much of. I don't think a CEF implementation will be done anytime soon for much the same reasons, especially since Manialinks exist. Nadeo would very likely much rather improve upon Manialinks.

(I did consider implementing a CEF overlay into Openplanet, though.. I might still do that :P )
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