Suggestion: Something to access an empty MediaTracker

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Suggestion: Something to access an empty MediaTracker

Post by BigBang1112 » 14 Apr 2019, 02:42

It would be so cool to just load an empty MediaTracker just by providing a map name. Like, MediaTracker opens the map with no ghosts, no cameras, just clean MT.
I miss this a lot and there isn't any practical way to do this automatically. The theoretical way is CMapEditorPlugin's EditMediatrackIngame() but that function is more broken by each update and rather loads the complicated MediaTracker, not really suitable for video producing.

This new function idea:

Code: Select all

CTitleControl.OpenMediaTracker(Text Map)
You don't even know how things would be easier for us videomakers having this.
For example, I have no motivation to produce edits anymore because of the awful flow getting into the empty MediaTracker of the map of our choice.

Recent technical stuff added since MP4.1 has made many dreams possible and many things better, and I hope to keep this ongoing. :thx:

Thanks Nadeo
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