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Trackmania 2 vs. Turbo

Post by drjekyll » 18 Apr 2019, 14:32


I know that this is maybe old coffee, but I can't decide which version of Trackmania 2 I should pick.
I already know about some of the differences (regarding dedicated servers, usermods etc.), but I still have some questions and I haven't found (up-to-date) answers.

1. Performance/Bugs:
Is there a difference regarding Performance and Bugs between Turbo and the other Trackmania 2 Titles?

2. Graphics:
Does Turbo really have better Graphics?
Do all of the Trackmania 2 Titles have the same graphics?

3. Tracks:
Which Version has more custom tracks, or is there a difference at all?

4. Activity:
Which Version has the most activity (players, servers) and is there a big difference regarding activity between the versions?


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Re: Trackmania 2 vs. Turbo

Post by riolu » 18 Apr 2019, 16:11

First of all, keep in mind that all TM2 titles and Turbo are completely seperate from each other.
To answer your questions:

1) Performance-wise both games are similar. I'd say TM2 runs a bit smoother than Turbo due to better optimization, but the difference isn't too striking. In regards to bugs, physics-wise Turbo is by far inferior to TM2. Especially the Stadium physics are really bad in Turbo, landing bugs and randstein bugs are extremely frequent and annoying. The game's basic functionality is easier to comprehend in Turbo though since it's a more simple game with much less customization options compared to TM2.

2) Both games run on the same graphics engine, so the graphics are pretty much the same. Turbo's visuals have quite some personality to them with flashy lights, advertisements and other fancy stuff spread around the tracks. You either like it or don't, it's a matter of personal preference here.

3) TM2 by miles. Turbo has never been super actively played by the core community so the amount of good maps in the game is very very small. The active mapping community operates in TM2, especially due to the much bigger customizability.

4) Turbo is a graveyard multiplayer-wise, its only strength lies in its solo campaign and local multiplayer modes. TM2 is the place to be nowadays, Stadium in particular. Sorted by multiplayer activity and competitiveness, Stadium leads over Canyon, Valley has a very small playerbase and Lagoon is abandoned.

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Re: Trackmania 2 vs. Turbo

Post by drjekyll » 18 Apr 2019, 20:45

Thank you for the fast answer and for the information.

I guess I will choose Tm 2 then.

Which Titles would you suggest?

I guess Stadium is set.

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Re: Trackmania 2 vs. Turbo

Post by Demented » 19 Apr 2019, 14:40

Nice informative response from Riolu.
TM-Turbo is the only Nadeo game I have not played so I found the comparisons interesting.
I'd note in choosing an environment, that you can often get them all bundled together for a good discount.
Canyon and Stadium are easier to learn driving the vehicles in, while Valley and Lagoon have beautiful environment graphics.
Also, another note is that in Maniaplanet TM² you can now create your own 3D objects and modify existing blocks to add to your maps with the built in Item and block editors.
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Re: Trackmania 2 vs. Turbo

Post by riolu » 19 Apr 2019, 16:48

My personal suggestion would be to go for Stadium and discover the other environments through the free-to-play channels (essentially a demo system). I'm a big fan of Valley myself, so I'd give you a tap on the shoulder for that :P

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Re: Trackmania 2 vs. Turbo

Post by mirtsos » 29 Apr 2019, 22:08

top players like riolu know best. on a personal note i just wanna say that i hated turbo, but after finishing tmuf and all tm2 titles with 75% greens overall i replayed turbo and i have to admit its the best for solo mode. only slightly better cause all tm are great games but i liked the xtra difficulty. so i have to suggest buy them all and leave turbo for last. like the cherry on top. i personally became a better player with tm2 lagoon but thats because i like the car so its a matter of taste but you will get there!

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Re: Trackmania 2 vs. Turbo

Post by LuckieNoob » 18 May 2019, 11:30

I am a casual having over 100 hours in both games combined.
I was about to write a review about what both games do well and then i saw this post. So i'll post it here. Maybe nadeo reads it.
Both Games have huge strengths and weaknesses. A combination of both games would be the perfect game.

- Visuals: Turbo Looks more Like a Modern Game in the campaign. That is because it is filled with stuff. Everywhere are advertisements and landscape decorations. While Tm2 feels "empty". There is nothing to see on the tracks.
Also there are a loot of cool stuff. Like containers sunk into water or ramps connected to a house. In Tm2 there is nothing.

- Editor: This however applies to the solo campaign of those games. While you play the turbo campaign you think: Wow what an amazing game i will build a buch of tracks. But then you discover that the editor of turbo is really bad and has a lot of restrictions. You can not do, whats possible in the campaign. They obviously used block mixing and might have placed some assets free from the grid layout. That is not possible in none of the four different editors. Thats also weird. Turobo has 4 different editors. An easy one, which is totally useless. A Normal one Which is also useless. A Expert one where you can finally select all blocks, so its good and the tm2 editor which has more blocks than the expert one bad they are less intuitive to find in the gui.
The Editor of tm2 offers way more options. There are some rpg maps which have forest trees and wooden planks and stuff. There are a lot off possibilities in the game.

- Online Tracks. Tm2 does have titlepacks which is very cool.Turbo does have a search for community tracks. However both games does a very bad job at displaying community content. Do you know games like Little BIg Planet or Super Mario Maker ? People can create levels and outhers can browse through community levels in the game. In TM2 you have to go to an external website called tm.mania-exchange to find community tracks and upload your creations. I don't see why anyone can came up with the idea that this is a good design choice. It should be implemented in the game. Even if they would embed this website into maniaplanet it would be better than the current situation. Turbo does have them integrated in the game. But without the option to name your tracks and search for names it is also pointless.

- Environments: In Tm2 you have to constantly switch through the Environments by going through dozens of menu layers. While in Turbo you can access them all in one. Also you have to buy tm2 Environments separately.

- Sound: Not only does Turbo have way more sounds, they are also way better then tm2.

- Controls: This point goes to Tm2. The controls of tm2 are more precise. It is easier to control you car here. In turbo tiny movements does have more a bigger impact. Like if you touch the stick a tiny bit the tm2 cars will do less movement than in turbo. The bad thing is that the tracks in turbo are even more narrow and require more precision. Therefore turbo is harder.

- Level Design: The Tm2 Tracks offer one single obstacle in the white and blue series. So for example in lagoon there are tracks that happen entirely on wood. In turbo there are a lot of transitions between the different block types. The benefit of this is that the player learns to drive on those different parts from the beginning. For example: Lagoon introduces sand tracks in the red tracks. This is why the white and blue and green tracks of lagoon are super easy peasy. Then the difficulty jumps by 200% when they introduce sand tracks. In Canyon the tracks are super wide until they introduce narrow roads in a 5 round multilap track consisting only of narrow roads. This is somewhere in the blue series. In Turbo some narrow roads appear in the white tracks, so you don't have such a huge jump in difficulty.
Also some Tracks are to long in tm2. The last valley track has 15 rounds. I can't imagine the game designer that thought this would be fun.

Both games are very good games with even bigger potential for improvement.
If they ever make another Trackmania game they should combine the strengths that both games have.

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Re: Trackmania 2 vs. Turbo

Post by Tushy444 » 27 Oct 2019, 00:02

LuckieNoob wrote:
18 May 2019, 11:30
Also there are a loot of cool stuff. Like containers sunk into water or ramps connected to a house. In Tm2 there is nothing.
You can look on for cool blocks, some are even TMT ports!

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